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Quick Little Update

First of all —- Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m not Irish in any way (that I’m aware of any way!), but I’m still decked out in my green attire today — one of the benefits to working in a school … you get to accrue all this holiday gear J We also had a “pot luck” lunch at work today, which is always a great way to kick off the week…. Or eat shamrock cookies for lunch!

So, I didn’t mean to go MIA there … but honestly, I was NOT feeling the blogging vibe at all this last week. There’s been lots going on, work has been CRAZY busy, and honestly, it’s been enough to keep my head above water. I didn’t want to write one negative blog post after another or force something that I wasn’t feeling…. So, I didn’t. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t stressed about not posting (I do that anyway, since I don’t post every day), but it was the right decision for me. I also had the stomach bug last weekend, and I was recovering for the first half of last week! I think I ate twice my weight in saltines. For the record, the mini saltines are better than the regular ones J Did I tell you that already?

The stomach bug DID give me the title of Biggest Loser this week though – so, I’ll take that as a by-product!

We also all have cabin fever, are more than sick of the cold and snow, and that’s definitely affecting my mood. I was ready for winter to be over a month ago.

So, I’ll catch you up to speed quickly, since I never know where to start blogging when I got on a hiatus!

On the wedding front —- We picked out our rings (YAY!!), ordered our save the dates, pretty much finalized the guest list, and started our registry. All very exciting J The registry thing has been quite interesting since we’ve been together and lived together for quite some time already… but we do know that some people just prefer to buy tangible items… so we have a honeymoon registry and also registered for some home items that need replacing or items that we kinda have a mismatch of hand-me-downs.

We are almost to the “6 months to go” benchmark for our wedding, so things are really moving along – too quickly for me some days! I feel accomplished for about 10 minutes after we complete something, and then move on to obsessing about the next thing!! (sorry honey)

Fiona thinks that I make a fabulous doggy bed J or she really missed me that day!

These “jumped” into the shopping cart… but we haven’t yet made them! We also have been attempting to try all the B&J’s “Core flavors” – we are still not impressed, and are still on the hunt for the salted caramel one. P did say that he liked the Karmel Sutra one – and we’ve tried the peanut butter one too – that one was pretty good – I mean, it has PB in it! The “It’s my Jam” is definitely my least favorite.

Running continues to go well … I’m still running on my treadmill, which I don’t mind, but the speed and therefore, mileage, are still busted, so I have no idea how far I’m running. I’ve started to look at races and have signed up for the CDPHP workforce challenge in early May, which I’ve run for the last 2 years, and fired up the racing bug within in me again. I’m excited to run outside and racing always motivates me J Sadly, Best Body Bootcamp has ended, for good, so I have to go back to figuring out my own strength training…..

There, I think you’re all caught up now. J You didn’t miss much!

One more picture of Fiona, because she just cracks me up:

Hope your week is off to a great start! And here’s you’ll bet lucky today 😉

Answer me this: What was the best part of last week?

~ Brittany xo

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{DIY Wedding}: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Now that all of my ladies in the bridal party have been asked to be a part of our wedding, I can FINALLY share how I “popped the question”

Choosing my bridal party was easy – I have my MOH, 3 bridesmaids and a flower girl – and I knew that I wanted to do something special to ask them to be a part of our wedding day – I hit up pinterest and browsed about a billion different ideas (how did we ever survive without pinterest?). I finally settled on making a “Bridesmaid Box”, filled with  items that related to the wedding, small gifts, and special notes. They were a HUGE hit with my ladies, and I was really happy with the end result 😀

So, here’s what I did!!

I started with plain basal wood boxes that I picked out from Michaels – I picked out 4 square boxes (with rounded corners) and one flower shaped box.

Then I stained them with Dark Walnut Minwax stain (side note: I have found that buying stain from a home improvement store is SO much less expensive than the craft store). I originally started with a gray stain, but I HATED it. So, I took a chance and went over the first box with the second, darker stain (the color, and other décor, was meant to mimic the setting of our wedding) I ended up loving the result, and that box became my MOH’s, since it was a little different than the others with the gray stain underneath! Each box got 1 coat of stain, as I was happy with the color. I also gave the boxes a coat of polyurethane and then let them cure (with the boxes being left open) for a few days to get rid of the smell.

I also picked out  wooden filigree frames and painted them navy blue.

Once the frames were dry, I attached them with wood glue (and wiped of the excess with a paper towel, as some of it seeped through the holes in the frame). Once that was done, I added some bling by putting the girls’ first initial on the front of the box (these were stickers and were able to be carefully re-positioned so that they were straight). I also attached a burlap flower to the corner of the frame using a glue gun. I found both the flowers and the letters at Hobby Lobby.

For my flower girl’s box, I chose to paint the top in a burgundy color and stained the bottom. Her box also got a coat of poly – along with some orange polka dots, bling, and her flower.

On the inside cover of the box, I tacked a computer print out that I made with a dab of glue, which said “I couldn’t say I do without you!” I wanted the ladies to be able to use their boxes again, so I didn’t want anything that was wedding related to be permanent!

For the inside of the boxes, I made several cards (made on the computer and printed out on fancy paper) – I titled these: The Big Day (which had information about our day), The Girls (which had all of the girl’s names and a little blurb about each one), and Your Role (which was another little blurb about the day where I promised that I wouldn’t be a Bridezilla – more than twice!) I embellished these with navy blue scrapbook paper and a piece of paper that looked like burlap, attached to the bottom of the last “card” – then I punched a hole in all three cards them and tied them together with a ribbon. The most difficult part of this was trying to make the cards all the same size – this was just trial and error!

I used paint chips to represent the colors that we have chosen – I cut them with my scrapbooking scissors and clipped them together with a  “blinged- out” tiny clothespin! (these were so cute – had to use them somehow!!)

I lined the boxes with navy blue tissue paper and then filled them with autumn leaves, the cards, wedding color chips, a picture of the venue, chocolates, and a bottle of nail polish (called “Save the Date” –my MOH got one called “Royal Romance”), tissues, and gum. I also wrote a card to each of my girls, and those went in too!

The finished results were adorable, and better than I had even expected!!!

My bridal party boxes were made with an awful lot of love, and I have to say I think my ladies were all impressed—they were all definitely excited –and all of them told me “YES!”






Bridesmaid Katelyn



Bridesmaid Carrie

Sadly, I have no pictures with my SIL and my niece, since they are in Georgia – but they were excited too!!! I am so blessed that all of these women are a part of my life – they are confidants, they listen and support me, make me laugh, drink wine with me, put me in my place when I need it, and like to have fun with me too 😀 I am so excited for all of them to be with me on our big day!!!!!!!!!!! Only 8 months and 24 days to go 😉

Answer me this: If you’re married, how did you “pop the question” to your girls? If not, are you crafty? What’s the last DIY you did?

~ Brittany XO

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