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Happy Father’s Day!

on June 13, 2014

Hello friends … bet you thought I disappeared off the face of the earth … but here I am! My life has become more than a little messy over the last few months, but I’m still here.


With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, I was more than excited when Dollar Shave Club (have you heard of them!? They ship top quality razors and grooming supplies to your door! Pretty amazing!! Seriously, go check out their commercial on their website—it CRACKS me up!) approached me about their Father’s Day campaign with the topic of “Father’s Day Gifts of Years Past.” If you’ve been a longtime reader, you probably know that I pretty much dive right into any holiday that will celebrate the important people in our lives, so I was definitely game to participate!! 🙂 There have certainly been some good ones over the years….

When it comes to celebrating the people I love, I tend to go the sentimental route rather than the humorous – I’ll pick out the funny card here and there, but typically I go for the sappy ones, and the same things with gifts… although in my old age, I’ve also started learning towards the “practical gifts” as well (typing that totally made me feel boring!). My siblings and I have collaborated on such practical gifts, such as outdoor speakers for Dad to use out by the pool (cool, right? Not boring?). But when I think back to some of the most memorable Father’s Day gifts, they have been homemade with a lot of love. Here are the first 3 that came to mind ….

Picture Collage ~I believe I put this gift together while I was in college and it still hangs on the wall of my parents’ bedroom. I picked out various pictures from 4 various stages of my life at that point and also included the quote “There is a special place within every little girl’s heart that belongs to Dad alone.” (ladies – so true, right?! Say it with me… AWWWW).

When I see this gift, it always makes me smile, and it makes me think of a lot of different memories with my Dad. Both of my parents had high expectations for their children, but I can distinctly remember always striving to make my Dad proud, especially in school-related things – this wasn’t too difficult for me, as school is kind of my jam…. Except for maybe math, especially in elementary school. That was tough for me … I can remember many  clashes over math homework, all peppered with the phrase “But that’s not how the TEACHER wants us to do it!!” 🙂  Dad also coached softball, came to every track meet I had, proofread homework, applauded my accomplishments, taught me about baseball, and beamed with pride as a graduated from high school, college, and with my master’s degree. He’s been through many a challenging time and heartbreaks with me, and has helped me to pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep moving forward. As I’ve grown, I’ve realized more and more how many traits that I’ve inherited from my Dad, and many of them are what make me a strong woman… and also some that make me impatient of people who don’t do things the way (or when!) I think they should be done 😉

One of the special things that Dad and I share is the New York Yankees – my dad is a diehard Yankee fan, and I was never “allowed” to be anything else! Luckily, this wasn’t a problem for me … and I started attending games at an early age! Games at Yankee stadium have been a tradition for Dad and I every summer — and when I was a freshman in college, we actually attended a World Series game together in October – which was a dream come true for me –  I distinctly remember riding in the car with my Dad when I was in elementary school asking, “Dad, will we ever see the Yankees play in the World Series?” Well, we did. And it’s something I’ll NEVER forget. I made my Dad a shadow box for one Father’s Day that commemorates all of our many memories and trips that revolved around baseball! (I told you, I go toward the sentimental!)

So, the last thing that I think of when it comes to Father’s Day probably seems like a small thing… but it’s usually the small things that mean the most, right? In fact, when I asked my Dad what he remembers most from past Father’s Day gifts, this was the first thing that he thought of too…. Which was pretty cool. Every year, since I was a toddler, I have cut a rose from the yard for my dad and put it at his place at the table. It started with my Mom’s garden in the house I grew up in, and now I usually bring one from my own house. I can remember many a spring anxiously watching and waiting for the roses to bloom for my dad – I’m pretty sure that there has been at least one year when I’ve had to hit up the store for a rose!! It’s a small gift that has always been important to me, and it was really sweet to know that it’s important to him too!

I feel very lucky to have a strong and loving man as my Dad. He has taught me more life lessons than could possibly be put into words. We’ve certainly had our disagreements over the years, especially as I’ve become more confident in my opinions, but I think that has made our relationship that much stronger.  I am proud to be my Dad’s daughter, and I can’t wait to spend time with him on Sunday to celebrate all that he does for our family, each and every day. Happy Father’s Day Dad — I feel so lucky to be your daughter ~ I love you!

P.S.  If you’re looking for a last minute gift — you should check out the Dollar Shave Club! Dad can get razors and other grooming products (like this post-shave all-in-one moisturizer) shipped right to his door — convenient, practical, and you can do it all from your computer! #winning

Answer me this: What are some of the past Father’s Day gifts you remember? Do you share any traits with your Dad? How will you celebrate your Dad this weekend?

~ Brittany xo


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