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Weekend Stories: Think Spring Edition

on February 24, 2014

Hellooooooooooooooo, how was your weekend? The weather was amazing here in NY this weekend – and even though it was more than a little wet – I have to say I enjoyed the warm-up for a few days! After all, that’s what rain boots are for J Sadly, today we are back to more typical February temperatures and I am currently back to work – most likely prying my eyes open since I’ve been home for the last week! The first day back to school is always the worst part of vacation. But, as always, my body will be happy to be back on a more regular schedule!!

So, this weekend was a lot of fun – mostly because we were able to venture outside the house without 10 layers of clothing and a shovel! We spent the first part of the day at a car dealership, as P’s lease will be up in the next couple of months. I wish I could tell you a fun story about a crazy/sleazy car salesman – but P had made the appointment ahead of time and warned them not to pair him with someone who was pushy! P has been known to walk out of a dealership due to said personality – but we not successful, since the price we were presented with was ridiculous – well if we wanted to eat and pay our mortgage anyway! So maybe I’ll have some better blog stories in the future! We are looking to put at least one of us in a bigger vehicle, as Fiona doesn’t really fit comfortably in a car for long periods of time, and you know, hopefully we will be needing a car seat or 2 in the new car! I did get Starbucks out of the car shopping deal, and look what I spotted while we were waiting at the drive-thru! It made me smile.

A mini snowman! With penny buttons!

We spent the afternoon at P’s parent’s house with the rest of the fam – it was nice to see them and chat for a few hours! We then hurried home to walk the dog – check out this snow fort that I spotted on our walk the other day! I was a little concerned that it might cave on the little snow architect – but isn’t it so cute? Remember when snow provided hours of amusement?

We then headed out to our local taco joint with K to celebrate a very, very important day – Did you know that Saturday was National Margarita day!?!? There was no way I wasn’t celebrating that one!! Bomber’s Burrito Bar (home of the infamous birthday margarita) makes some pretty delicious margaritas! Plus they are in a mason jar – how can you NOT love drinking out of a mason jar?? And they also make something called a “Jimbo” (1/2 beer and ½ frozen margarita together – it sounds disgusting, but it’s really popular! P loves them) Margaritas make me think of summer and flip flops… can’t come soon enough! I’ll bet you can’t guess which one mine was …

On Sunday morning, P went to his soccer game, and I got my workout in – Tina’s BBBC pyramid workout for the win J Then we headed out the door quickly for our Sunday date day J We had heard about “NY in Bloom” at the NYS Museum, thanks to a FB post from our wedding florist! At only $5 admission, it was a steal for a fun afternoon! Various florists, garden club members, and designers in the Albany area created over 100 unique floral arrangements that went along with the  museum’s permanent and temporary exhibitions. There was also demonstrations (which we missed, sadly), and a flower market J I haven’t been to the NYS museum in forever, and it was really neat to wander around and see all the various arrangements and designs. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Pretty J

This went with one of the bird exhibits

This was the design by the florist for our wedding – it was hard to get a good shot, as he designed the entryway to the museum – it was filled with this cool furniture, large arrangements, and antler chandeliers covered in moss. It was pretty impressive!!

All in all, totally worth the $10 for the 2 of us – and it was a nice change for a date day – I wish we had taken pictures of some of the arrangements that really looked like their exhibits! We also discovered that the museum is a fantastic place to people watch – which is one of our most favorite pastimes!! We finished up as the show was ending and the flower market was selling their flowers 2 for $1, so we scored some cute little roses! Fresh flowers always make me happy and roses are some of my favorites! All in all, it was a great day with my favorite guy ❤

In other VERY EXCITING news – I FOUND BOOTS THAT FIT! Remember my plight of not being able to find boots that fit my calves? I found several pairs at Macy’s that were under the “wide calf” distinction. So I went with the ones with the largest circumference and held my breath! (Plus side – they were on sale, and I was using gift cards, #score!) And THEY FIT! It’s the small things, right? I love them J

Yay for amazing weekends – now if only we felt the way about Mondays, right? Here’s some humor for your day….. Cause I sure need it! These came from an email my dad sent to me:

Almost through the first day of the week – baby steps! Hope you’re having a great one

Answer me this: Did you celebrate National Margarita Day? (mine was the blue one, by the way) What was the best part of your weekend?

~ Brittany xo


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  1. Carolyn says:

    Of course yours is the blue one! 😛

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