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Life Lately

on February 20, 2014

Long time no talk!! How are ya? Since I kinda sorta disappeared off the grid, I thought we’d just play a little catch-up today! So, grab yourself a cup of coffee (or other beverage of choice) and a little snack, and let’s rewind to Valentine’s day! P and I had a fabulous dinner together, and then we headed to the Darius Rucker concert—we were lucky enough to have box seats through P’s company and we had a great view J The concert was really good –despite the opening acts sounding off key/muffled – and we had a ton of fun!

Look, I even managed to curl my hair (with my straightener!) and I was pretty pleased – especially since I apparently did not get the female “I can make my hair look amazing” gene

And then we had a quick change for the concert!!

P and I pretended that we were in our 20s again on Friday, and didn’t get home until after 2AM – party animals! And check out my yummy goodies from my Valentine – chocolate cake balls and chocolate covered strawberries from Cocadotts – a local bakery (they were on Cupcake Wars!) – he sure knows the way to my heart J

I tried to be a little creative with my gift – I picked up some of P’s favorite snacks, and attached little corny notes to them. (PS I accidently tried his bufflo chicken wing pretzels – omg, I’m addicted!! I can’t stay out of them!)

We also made sure that we hit up Dunkin’ Donuts for heart-shaped donuts! I can attest that the brownie batter one tastes exactly like brownie batter (or a bowl of sugar!) The cookie batter one wasn’t AS good!

The weekend was spent with scouting out some materials for a wedding project, some house cleaning/errands, and having dinner with my BFF K, who is back in town for the week (hooray!!). On Monday we spent the day in VT at the outlets – we thought that we’d find some great deals since it was President’s Day weekend – but the pickings were kinda slim :-/ We did have fun, and visited our favorite taco joint, Cilantros, for lunch though!

Monday ended by heading over to see my parents and BOOK OUR HONEYMOON 😀 !!!!!!!!!! That was SUPER exciting. We are headed to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas after we are Mr. & Mrs. I’m thinking of putting a picture of the island on the fridge to remind me that the stupid snow is not going to last forever! Paradise, here we come!

Tuesday was pretty much low key – I finished cleaning the house, hit up the library, and went to the grocery store. Nothing thrilling. P and I did make sure to have wine with our veggie burgers though – it WAS National Drink Wine day – couldn’t let that pass on by without celebrating!

Yesterday, I had a lunch date with K and Carolyn, at this adorable little restaurant called the Tailored Tea House that was I dying to try (despite my aversion to tea!). The place is so cute inside and you feel like you are having lunch at your grandmother’s house – complete with lace tablecloths, and mismatched china and cloth napkins—adorable. I was a bad blogger and didn’t take pictures – mostly because I couldn’t really do it inconspicuously! But I had a ½ salad and ½ sandwich combo along with a cranberry and pecan scone – it was DELICIOUS! We ladies also polished off 2 pieces of cake – chocolate, and a salted caramel crunch cake (which was BEYOND amazing) and sat and chatted for quite some time. There’s nothing quite like hanging out with your girl friends and chatting about anything and everything! K came home with me to work on some wedding things, and she ended up staying over for dinner – taco night again (haha). I love when she’s home 😀 It was a good day.

Not much on the agenda today – a BBBC workout as soon as I hit publish, dinner prep, cleaning, and making sure to take my little lady for a walk today since it’s supposed to hit 40 degrees here today! Yay! Later on this evening, I have a doctor’s appointment that I’m definitely dreading :/ … I finally made an appointment to have the cyst on my hand looked at, as it’s been progressively getting worse and hurts all the time. I’m more than a little anxious about it… let’s all hope it goes well, and that something can be done with the gross bump on my wrist – I’m not sure if my PCP will be able to drain it or if I’ll have to go elsewhere.

Ok, now you’re all caught up! J I sure feel better – have definitely been feeling a little anxious about my poor neglected blog – but I just haven’t felt like writing! So hopefully I’m now back on track – and I should probably go do something that I would deem as “productive!!” Hope that you are able to get some Vitamin D in your neck of the woods today! Happy Thursday!

Answer me this: favorite taco toppings? (mine are greek yogurt, avocado, and Newman’s tequila lime salsa!) Favorite place to shop? What have you been up to?


~ Brittany xo


2 responses to “Life Lately

  1. Carolyn says:

    Lunch was delish! We’ll have to go back next time K is in town. This time for brunch 🙂

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