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Happy Valentine’s Day Love

on February 14, 2014

I am a lucky girl today – I am currently parked on my couch, starting February break a day early, due to the MASSIVE amounts of snow that we have gotten over the last day and a half. We have at least two feet outside – P was snow blowing for 2 hours this morning, and Fiona now has a puppy race track of trails in the backyard!! The snow started yesterday and has only just stopped!! Craziness, I tell you!! But, I’ll take an extra day of vacation – and snowed in isn’t so bad 😉

So, Happy Valentine’s Day dear friends!!

This is the last Valentine’s for P and I before we are Mr. & Mrs.! I know, I know, it’s pretty much a hallmark holiday …. And yes, you should be saying “I love you” every day – but still, it’s a fun holiday to celebrate, and people are generally happier on holidays. I know it’s kind of a sucky day for those who don’t have a significant other – I have certainly been there. But I say, indulge yourself today! We ALL need to practice self-love, and I think at least one little splurge is totally necessary today for all of us!

Since today is Valentine’s day, I started the day off by adding a spoonful of hot chocolate to my coffee — who am I to not partake in today’s theme food of chocolate? MMMM…. It was SO good. I think there is still leftover coffee in the pot, so I may be heading for round 2 as soon as I hit publish!!

I thought I’d also some other things that I love in honor or all things Valentine’s Day: First off, this stuff:

I know the ingredient list is far from ideal, but I seriously cannot get enough of it and have been eating it on just about everything!!

2. I love…. Painted nails. Last night I had a little “Me time” and decided to paint my nails – I love this color: enchantress by Nicole – it’s subtle, and pretty easy to clean up if you miss your nail 😉 Plus, I didn’t smear it 10 seconds after I put it in, which what I usually do!

3. I love …. Candy hearts – what is it about these things? They don’t even taste that good, and half the time you can’t read the message, but I still feel like Valentine’s Day is incomplete without them!

4. I love …. This face J the best part about snow days is that Fiona likes to snuggle and take up the entire couch. She looks annoyed because I woke her up when I took her picture.

5. I love … watching P and Fiona play in the snow – they are both SO happy as they chase one another around like crazy people, and it makes my heart happy

6. I love … Hannaford (store) brand cinnamon and Autumn spice granola. I gave it a whirl 2 weeks ago – and I was pleasantly surprised that I loved it! I am so particular about my granola – it has to be crunchy, and these 2 kinds did not disappoint! The Autumn spice one has dried apples in it! Plus, the store brand is so much more cost effective than my fancy schmancy brands.

7. I love … great runs. Despite missing being able to run outside, I’ve had some really great treadmill runs this week – the kind where you feel like you can just keep going and going. I do think I need to buy new shoes though – I am definitely starting to get some shin pain that I haven’t had in almost a year

8. I love…. MY valentine. I couldn’t have a Valentine’s Day post without P J Today is one of those days when I can be totally corny and sappy about how crazy in love with him I am – I am truly blessed to have a man who loves me so much and works so hard to make me happy. ❤

I hope you all have a wonderful day surrounded by everyone who loves you (and if you’re dealing with HOLY SNOW BATMAN, please be careful!). We are going out to an early dinner this evening, and then are headed to a Darius Rucker concert for our Valentine’s Day — we are super excited, since we LOVE Darius Rucker — I think P may have a little bit of a #mancrush – but hey, dude can sing! Let’s just hope that nothing gets canceled due to this crazy weather!!

Answer me this: Tell me something that you’re loving today!

~ Brittany xo


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