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Weekend Stories: The Cold Edition

on February 10, 2014

Another Monday is upon us… and apparently another snow storm is headed this way at the end of the week. I don’t know about you – but I’ve totally had enough snow to last… oh, I don’t know, forever? I need to move to Hawaii!

It was a good little weekend around these here snowy parts –1 day of go-go-go fun, and one day that was a little more laid back. I’ll take it, for sure!! I think that if I had not slept so crappy, I would have been ready to approach Monday with a big ole smile (although part of that may be due to the fact that after this week I’ll be on February break). I was awake from about 12:45-2:30 for no good reason – just completely wide awake, and once my brain gets going, it’s the snowball effect! Yuck.

P found/created these amazing little beauties for breakfast on Saturday.

Breakfast with a side of puppy J

He had originally asked me what I wanted on Friday evening for breakfast the next day – to which I replied waffles – but I didn’t really want to clean the waffle maker! (In our house, when one person cooks, the other person is in charge of the cleaning – although we usually end up doing it together anyway). We then also discovered that we were almost out of pancake mix. P originally wanted to make pancake “cups” in a muffin tin (where they collapse in on themselves) – but most recipes called for 6 eggs! So, he made these amazingly awesome pancake, bacon, and egg cups! It’s essentially pancake mix on the bottom of a muffin tin – you cook it for about 4 minutes, and then wrap bacon (we used turkey bacon) around the muffin tin well and crack an egg into it – then you bake them! We used this recipe here. P also made some plain pancake … fritters? Mini muffins? They were pretty delicious too!

Sadly, the did not pop out of the muffin in any way shape or form, and it was a labor of love to get the muffin tins clean – I should have just washed the waffle maker, haha!! But we dipped these yummy things in syrup, and I just finished off the last 2 for breakfast this morning!! They definitely have staying power as well, which is awesome!!

The rest of Saturday was pretty much occupied with adult beverages. Somehow I got talked into attending Winter BrewFest – which all revolved around craft beers that you could sample – and I don’t drink beer – can’t find one that I actually like, although I’ve desperately tried to find one!! However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there were also hard ciders to test!! WE tried one cider that was made by a brewery called McKenzie’s – apple pie cider – stuff was AMAZING and tasted just like apple pie. Somehow, I need to get my hands on some.

Apple pie in liquid form!

So, myself, P, and some of my co-workers (with their +1s) had a great time trying out different beers – or just stalking the apple pie cider booth, in my case. Down side: we were inside, but the heat wasn’t on. Sadly, that totally added a damper to the whole experience L We were totally frozen after a couple hours, and headed to a local restaurant to regain feeling in our extremities! We also chowed down on some appetizers – P and I had a chicken satay that was pretty tasty – especially the peanut sauce it came with 😉

Please notice everyone’s winter coats…

(side note: the lovely lady all the way on the right is a good friend of mine, and she just started her own blog –show her some love at! She’s pretty hilarious!)

P and I were then off to a dinner date with my parents at an Italian restaurant – the food was nothing special, but the company was more important anyway. It’s kinda neat when you start actually being friends with your parents J All in all, a pretty spectacular Saturday.

Unfortunately, Sunday wasn’t as much fun. I have been fighting some sort of virus/cold in my body and chest for a while now, and I think traipsing around in the freezing cold on Saturday did nothing good for me. I woke up during the night coughing my brains out, and that’s pretty much how I spent most of Sunday L I did do some cleaning and got my workout in … but yeah, by mid-afternoon, my body had quit on me, and I pretty much laid low for the rest of the evening. Thankfully, P is an angel and did all the running around for us so that I was able to stay home and out of the cold!!

Still all in all – a weekend that was a good mix of fun and downtime. Hopefully this “thing” in my chest goes away soon – seems to be a little better at the moment.

Random side note: Does anyone else have a HORRIBLE time finding boots to fit? I’ve been searching for weeks for a pair or low heel “riding” boots, and none of them fit my calves! I’m now searching online for a “wide calf” boot, but I have to go home and measure the circumference – geesh. I just want cute boots to wear. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has this issue!

No questions today, just tell me whatever pops into your head on this lovely Monday 😉

~ Brittany xo


One response to “Weekend Stories: The Cold Edition

  1. the calf part is the hardest part to fit, I honestly find the best ones at like general discount stores like TJMaxx or Marshall’s. I hope you are feeling better today. Not sleeping because you are sick is the worst

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