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Winter “Wonderland”

on February 5, 2014

Well … it finally happened ….


Despite the massive amount of snow that the northeast has experienced, we have somehow managed to avoid the majority of it – we have had some wicked snow storms, but they’ve always been on the weekend. So, this is the first snow day that we’ve actually used. I have no idea how much snow has actually fallen at this point, but it has to be a least a foot! School actually closed last night, so that took all the pressure off for waiting for the call at 5AM!

So, I am currently parked on my couch, watching the snow fall – and the lack of plows coming down the street, since where I live is notorious for not getting plowed … unless its 5AM, or you’ve just been outside for the last 90 minutes shoveling … which is what I WAS just doing. Let me tell you – great workout – minus the DOMS in my entire upper body thanks to a fantastic muscle fatigue workout from Best Body Bootcamp!

So the day started off with this fantastic breakfast:

We tried making the Biggest Loser Veggie Frittata with Turkey Bacon for this week’s breakfasts, and we’ve decided that this one has more taste than the Mexican ones that we made 2 weeks prior. So, I had one of those, and also toasted a banana bread English muffin – (P brought them home after I informed him that we NEEDED hot chocolate and donuts in case we were snowed in today, lol), topped with peanut butter and mini chocolate chips. You can’t have banana bread without chocolate chips! #yum

It was also nice to get my workout in during the day instead of after work – I did my long run while starting to watch the Biggest Loser finale – and then finished it while I was eating lunch. Quick side note about BL: I’m a big fan of that show – has certainly has motivated me through a lot of runs lately – but I was absolutely APALLED at the sight of the winner, Rachel – she has been my favorite for most of the season, but she looked so unhealthy and almost anorexic – (obviously, I am not a doctor or nutritionist, nor do I know anything about her lifestyle habits, I’m just going off of what she looked like). The fact that she was able to drop 155 pounds in a short amount of time concerns me. I hope that it doesn’t cause a whole new set of problems for her now… :-/

I also did a few things around the house, got sucked into the vortex that is Pinterest for wedding things, and snuggled with a sleeping dog. I also played in the snow with Fiona, which means that she is now gone back to sleep, and has stolen the entire heating blanket to make herself a nest! All in all, a pretty stellar day – a much more enjoyable than spending it at work!! Definitely a nice hump day break J

And now, I think it’s totally time for some caramel hot chocolate, don’t you? 😉

Answer me this: favorite snow day activities? Are you a biggest loser fan?

~ Brittany xo


4 responses to “Winter “Wonderland”

  1. Taryn says:

    I’m kinda hoping to be snowed in this weekend. On the agenda: lots of reading and movie watching!

  2. We have had 8 snow days so far in Michigan, normally this is good news, but now it’s a miracle if they go to school for a full week…which hasn’t happened since November. I am a big Biggest Loser fan, but wow on Rachel. She just looked weak, frail and sick. I don’t care what the # says on the scale, I would much rather look and feel healthy than look like that!

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