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Welcome to Monday!

on January 27, 2014

Another Monday, another week…. And another week within the polar vortex. I have been trying very hard to not complain about the cold and the snow – I do live in the northeast – but MAN am I sick of being cold ALL THE TIME. We are actually having an energy assessment of our house on Wednesday – that should be interesting – our house is 98 years old, and definitely NOT energy efficient in any way shape or form! But, I guess I’m glad that it will still be cold then!! But the winter blahs have definitely set in – here’s hoping that little groundhog doesn’t see his shadow!!!

Anyway, moving on. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend – ours was really good! We spent a great deal of time at the hockey rink this weekend – first time we’ve been this season to see the local team play, and we were there both days. On Saturday, we went with friends and then out to dinner, and on Sunday we were there with family…. Sadly, the home team lost both games. But, hey you can’t beat free tickets for some entertainment for the afternoon! We also got a lot of cleaning done in the house on Sunday AM, which certainly made me a happy camper! Overall, a productive and fun weekend J I’ll take it!

Have you guys seen these yet from Lean Cuisine?

I’ve had this one in my freezer for the last couple of weeks, but I forgot about it until I, unenthusiastically, went to make my lunch last night (I really despise making my lunch every day – can’t tell you why – tedious, I guess). So, I tried it today!!

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised!!! My salad was all kinds of delicious – and all I needed to pack was lettuce. You throw the veggie & protein pack in the microwave for 2:30 seconds and then dump in in your salad. You’re supposed to put the dressing in a warm cup of water, but since my lunch sits in the fridge, it wasn’t frozen, so I just poured it on! The one I got had chicken, broccoli, yellow carrots, onions, craisins, and rice/wheat berries with a cranberry cabarnet dressing and sesame sticks. YUM and I barely had to pack a thing. I can’t say that this would be a weekly purchase- they are kind of expensive, and the ingredients are the best you could find (aka I can’t pronounce them all)! But, it made for a nice treat J

Another thing I’ve been loving lately are these delicious Mexican turkey frittatas that we made last weekend! We were getting a little sick of smoothies – especially in this cold weather! I saw these on Biggest Loser, and they sounded SO GOOD. So we made a batch – with a few changes. You can find the recipe here!!

We did not use chipotle peppers, since we all know how spicy food goes over in my belly! Nor did we use fresh cilantro – mostly because we didn’t get any! We also used 2 peppers – one red, one orange and yellow onions (since that was what we had on hand!). I also through in some chili powder and garlic, but apparently not enough! They came together pretty easy, and we ended up making 12 regular muffin-sized and 4 jumbo muffin sized! They were really tasty – although both P and I agreed that they needed something spice-wise.

The calorie count is 100 (although mine may have been a little different since I made some changes), so I’ve been taking 2 (of the regular sized –or 1 jumbo) and a banana for breakfast! I just pop mine in the microwave for about a minute before eating! They seem to stay with me pretty well, and it’s been a nice change. BL also has a recipe for a veggie frittata with turkey bacon, so that will probably be the next ones I make! I definitely tend to get in a rut with my food, especially for breakfast and lunch, so I’m sure my body has appreciated a change!

I hope that you all are having a fabulous start to your week – if you too are in the polar vortex with me, I give permission to start complaining!!! 😉

Questions: What do you like to eat for breakfast or lunch? Do you get in a food rut? And just for fun, if your life was a movie, who would you want to portray you? (I pick Reese Witherspoon, but she’d have to go brunette!)

~ Brittany XO


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