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Thinking Out Loud (#1)

on January 16, 2014

It’s #happydance time! Why? Because Thursday is almost over and we are sliding into Friday and the weekend – since I was out of school on Monday, I have felt off kilter the entire week – and the week has also felt #foreverlong. Why is that?

Today, I’m joining in Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud link-up! I’m sure you’ve already encountered this phenomenon – I love reading others’ random thought posts, and I have a lot of things floating around in this brain of mine today!

So, without further ado –

  1. Why do people like to “flaunt” their unhealthy habits? I just do NOT understand. Do you know what I’m talking about – the people in your newsfeed that post the meme’s that go something like “If you ever see me running, someone must be trying to kill me”? Hey, I get it – runners are a weird bunch. And I’m NOT saying that you should all go out and run. However, exercise IS important for a healthy lifestyle – and that’s why it’s so important to find some kind of movement that you LOVE. Someday soon, I’m going to do a post on how much exercise has changed my life. I understand that people are SUPER busy, tired, have other priorities, are nervous to start, or just don’t care. I get it. But even 10-15 minutes is better than nothing – and then you’ll be able to be around longer to actually enjoy the things you love. But advertising that you’re a couch potato? Just don’t get it. But hey, I’m a weirdo that loves to run 😉

2. I was watching Biggest Loser yesterday during my long run (thank you iPad!) The contestants were at the Olympic training center in Utah, and at one point training with Apollo Ono, and he said something along the lines of “Welcome every challenge in your life.” I thought about that statement for the majority of my run. It’s so true. Challenges are what make us stronger, better, faster – every time we are faced with something difficult, we are being given a chance to grow. I needed that phrase yesterday, and it’s kinda become my mantra for the time being.

3. I think I need new sneakers – I think I’ve had mine about a year now, and I’m starting to feel more consistent shin pain. Not good. I’ll get off the exercise kick now 😉

4. Weddings are off the chart expensive. Everyone knows this. But it certainly is creating drama in my world lately. On a side note, what does one register for when they’ve already established a household together? We are thinking honeymoon registry and several other good quality items (i.e., pots and pans). Any other ideas? Also, anyone want to go into the wedding business with me?

5. We are trying this Cheeseburger Mac Attack recipe for dinner – sure hope it’s good – it was supposed to be an easy prep meal, since it’s a slow cooker recipe – or so we thought until we realized this morning that we had to pre-cook and pre-mix most of it…. So… what’s the point of the slow cooker?! #whompwhomp









6. I have to fully admit that I have an addiction to Annie’s cheddar bunnies. We cannot keep them in the house. There are other foods that fall into this category too – currently one of those is sugar cookies, which is why I am eating the very last one as I am writing this post

7. If you follow me on Instagram , you’ve already seen this picture of “Indian Pudding” – what the heck is Indian pudding, and why can we not sit “Indian Style” anymore in school, but we can eat Indian Pudding. I’m thinking that’s probably not PC.

8. I officially signed up for Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp session that starts on Monday! I’ve spent almost 3 weeks waffling about joining or not (see #4) – but then decided, that to me, it was important and worth it (See #1)

9. If you live in the north, you need to learn to function (read: drive) in the snow. We got some unexpected snowfall last night (like 1-2 inches) – people were driving like we were in the middle of a blizzard. I understand using caution – but if the roads are plowed, and you can see the pavement – there’s no reason to drive 10 mph and jam on the brakes every 10 feet. Also, please use your turn signal. #ihaveroadrageissues

10. This morning I was thinking about things I miss from my childhood/young adulthood: Popples, AIM away messages, unorganized playdates in the yard, Pretty Pretty Princess game, Dawson’s Creek, origami notes you passed to your friends, changing your Winamp skin, pottery time in art class, summer jellies (the shoes), and so many more!! I want to be 4 again.

  1. No questions today — tell me a random thought or two – what are you thinking about??

    ~ Brittany xo



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