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Marvelous In My Monday: MIMM #1

on January 6, 2014

Hello friends! This is my first time participating in Katie’s link-up party for MIMM!! This Monday trend has been floating around the blog world for a long time. Today is my first day back to work after my 2 week break – the alarm clock was a rude awakening this morning — so I figured I definitely needed to be thinking positive thoughts to get me through the day!! And since its “Blue Monday” (apparently the first Monday in January is termed this as it’s statistically the most depressing day to be at work), this is definitely relevant!

Marvelous is… the weekend! Despite frigid temperatures, P and I ran a lot of errands on Sunday, had dinner with my brother and sister-in law to be, accomplished a few wedding things, and took Christmas down (okay, that part was sad!). We also got the house cleaned, meal planned, and then passed out on the couch at 9PM (before waking up at 10 and having to clean up the kitchen!)

Marvelous is… Getting back into a routine. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2 weeks off – it has been the perfect mix of productivity and sloth-ness (that is now a word). But there have been a few too many sweets, missed meals/very late lunches, very late bedtimes, too much coffee, and lackluster workouts. My body has not been feeling at the top of its game. I’ll be happy to be back on a predictable schedule!

Marvelous is… our new table runner – gotta love 75% off Christmas stuff! Scored this baby for $5!

Marvelous is… my 2nd run in 2014 was 4.8 miles – that’s a distance PR! I would have run another 0.2 miles, if I had known I was that close! The speed (and therefore mileage) gauge on my treadmill is no longer working, so I have to rely on my fitbit flex to guess my mileage.

Marvelous is… the flipboard app!! Have you guys heard of this thing? I just discovered it! It’s described as a “social news app” — you can catch up on news that’s important to you, as well as other things that interest you. You can hook up your social media, but also subscribe to a ton of different things. For example, on my boards I have FB, twitter, food & dining, books, recipes, DIY, health news, pets, loverly (all things wedding related!), style tips, and the top stories in the lifestyle sections. You customize everything and read exactly what you want! I got my app free from the “12 days of gifts” app, so it was even better. Here’s one of my cover shots:

Marvelous is … wearing a new sweater! Even better? I used a gift card to get it – so it was free for me! Excuse the tired eyes, apparently I’m ready for a nap!

Marvelous is … warmer temperatures—well for a little while anyway – of course, all the ice that will be occurring when the temperatures drop again is not so great.

Marvelous is…these fun little things (thank you Target, for yet another not-needed purchase!) – honestly, I probably prefer “real” marshmellows—these remind me of the ones in Lucky Charms – but they are still fun – and anything in miniature is just cute!


Marvelous is …. My new 365 days of memories project! I was inspired by Amanda – and thought she had a great idea!! I found the jar when I was cleaning out the closet in our office – so I stopped mid-cleaning and whipped up this little craft project! I already had the stickers, cardstock and ribbon, so it was easy peasy! I’ve been writing a short sentence or 2 about the day – something that stuck out to me as memorable… Let’s see how long I can keep up with it?

So – here’s to a great week (and an earlier bedtime for me tonight!!!). I’m definitely missing my puppy today and my laid-back existence. But let’s face it, I’m a planner and I like predictable, so I’m happy to be more scheduled again too! Today was an easy start to the week, as 2 of my students were absent, so I was able to ease back into things. Now, as long as P is home safe and sound before the roads are a sheet of ice, I’ll call it a win!

Answer me this: How was your first Monday in January? Anything marvelous happen? What do you like in your hot chocolate – marshmallows, chocolate chips, extracts, candy canes?

~ Brittany xo


3 responses to “Marvelous In My Monday: MIMM #1

  1. Great job on your run!!! and luv your new sweater!

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