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{DIY Wedding}: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

on January 3, 2014

Now that all of my ladies in the bridal party have been asked to be a part of our wedding, I can FINALLY share how I “popped the question”

Choosing my bridal party was easy – I have my MOH, 3 bridesmaids and a flower girl – and I knew that I wanted to do something special to ask them to be a part of our wedding day – I hit up pinterest and browsed about a billion different ideas (how did we ever survive without pinterest?). I finally settled on making a “Bridesmaid Box”, filled with  items that related to the wedding, small gifts, and special notes. They were a HUGE hit with my ladies, and I was really happy with the end result 😀

So, here’s what I did!!

I started with plain basal wood boxes that I picked out from Michaels – I picked out 4 square boxes (with rounded corners) and one flower shaped box.

Then I stained them with Dark Walnut Minwax stain (side note: I have found that buying stain from a home improvement store is SO much less expensive than the craft store). I originally started with a gray stain, but I HATED it. So, I took a chance and went over the first box with the second, darker stain (the color, and other décor, was meant to mimic the setting of our wedding) I ended up loving the result, and that box became my MOH’s, since it was a little different than the others with the gray stain underneath! Each box got 1 coat of stain, as I was happy with the color. I also gave the boxes a coat of polyurethane and then let them cure (with the boxes being left open) for a few days to get rid of the smell.

I also picked out  wooden filigree frames and painted them navy blue.

Once the frames were dry, I attached them with wood glue (and wiped of the excess with a paper towel, as some of it seeped through the holes in the frame). Once that was done, I added some bling by putting the girls’ first initial on the front of the box (these were stickers and were able to be carefully re-positioned so that they were straight). I also attached a burlap flower to the corner of the frame using a glue gun. I found both the flowers and the letters at Hobby Lobby.

For my flower girl’s box, I chose to paint the top in a burgundy color and stained the bottom. Her box also got a coat of poly – along with some orange polka dots, bling, and her flower.

On the inside cover of the box, I tacked a computer print out that I made with a dab of glue, which said “I couldn’t say I do without you!” I wanted the ladies to be able to use their boxes again, so I didn’t want anything that was wedding related to be permanent!

For the inside of the boxes, I made several cards (made on the computer and printed out on fancy paper) – I titled these: The Big Day (which had information about our day), The Girls (which had all of the girl’s names and a little blurb about each one), and Your Role (which was another little blurb about the day where I promised that I wouldn’t be a Bridezilla – more than twice!) I embellished these with navy blue scrapbook paper and a piece of paper that looked like burlap, attached to the bottom of the last “card” – then I punched a hole in all three cards them and tied them together with a ribbon. The most difficult part of this was trying to make the cards all the same size – this was just trial and error!

I used paint chips to represent the colors that we have chosen – I cut them with my scrapbooking scissors and clipped them together with a  “blinged- out” tiny clothespin! (these were so cute – had to use them somehow!!)

I lined the boxes with navy blue tissue paper and then filled them with autumn leaves, the cards, wedding color chips, a picture of the venue, chocolates, and a bottle of nail polish (called “Save the Date” –my MOH got one called “Royal Romance”), tissues, and gum. I also wrote a card to each of my girls, and those went in too!

The finished results were adorable, and better than I had even expected!!!

My bridal party boxes were made with an awful lot of love, and I have to say I think my ladies were all impressed—they were all definitely excited –and all of them told me “YES!”






Bridesmaid Katelyn



Bridesmaid Carrie

Sadly, I have no pictures with my SIL and my niece, since they are in Georgia – but they were excited too!!! I am so blessed that all of these women are a part of my life – they are confidants, they listen and support me, make me laugh, drink wine with me, put me in my place when I need it, and like to have fun with me too 😀 I am so excited for all of them to be with me on our big day!!!!!!!!!!! Only 8 months and 24 days to go 😉

Answer me this: If you’re married, how did you “pop the question” to your girls? If not, are you crafty? What’s the last DIY you did?

~ Brittany XO


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