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Christmas 2013 Catch-up

on December 30, 2013

Well hello there!! Long time no talk (read?) – no seriously, it’s been a long time! I kinda just disappeared off the face of the blog world there a little bit. My life got a little bit crazy for a little while there, and honestly, I just didn’t have the time or the want to write anything. But here I am – and rest assured, that while I’ve been feeling a little scattered, I having been fully enjoying my vacation J

So, let’s do a little catch-up …

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas Eve:

Even though Pete and I have been together for 5+ years now, we don’t really have much in the way of Christmas Eve traditions together. I have always gone to church on Christmas Eve, so we usually try to do that, and this year was no exception. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas Eve without “Silent Night” and candles! The last few years we have also made the choice to get Chinese food for dinner – and we did so again this year J We also usually head on over to my parents’ house for at least a little while, as my Mom always gets us new ornaments to hang on the tree that night. I’ll bet you can guess what this year’s was 😉 P actually got the “Christmas pickle” ornament – my Dad got one a few years back — the Christmas pickle is supposed to be hidden on the tree, and whomever is able to find it gets to make a wish, and is supposed to have good luck for the rest of the year!


We have some definite traditions in regards to Christmas! The first involves these little beauties:

We’ve been making homemade cinnamon rolls since our first Christmas together – and we make them every single year. So, so, SO GOOD!!! We also open our stockings first at home- and in the last 3 years, a certain puppy gets to go first 😉 She has the concept of presents all figured out, and it’s so cute to watch her carefully rip the paper off and then run around the house!!

P and I then take turns opening our stockings (apparently, I was really just living in the moment this year, since I pretty much have NO pictures!) Then we open some of our presents to each other (and some go to Mom and Dad’s house) I think buying stocking stuffers is one of my favorite parts of gift buying!!

We then head over to my parents house to open presents with Mom, Dad, Craig and my grandma. They were anxiously awaiting our arrival this year, as we were late (who am I kidding, we are ALWAYS late!). This year the theme for me was socks – I ended up with 9 new pairs – SWEET!!

One of our best presents this year, was this:

Dad wrote out a little poem for us, and then Mom and Dad attached a string to the box and threaded throughout the house – we had to follow the string to find the fireplace! They are so clever J I also scored new clothes, a new bag for school, a new back massager for my chair, coffee, slippers, and a farting hippo (if you watch NCIS, you’ll totally get this!) P’s “big gift” was a Fitbit Force – he LOVES it – maybe I’ll have him write a review!?

After a delicious Christmas dinner a la Mom & Dad – which included my dessert – which was lovingly nicknamed “toothpaste cake” (I made a brownie and peppermint ice cream cake – the recipe called for a TON of peppermint extract – I reduced it, and it was STILL way too much!! #fail)

(at least it LOOKED yummy!)

we headed on over to Pete’s brother’s house, to spend some time with his parents, brother, SIL and nephews – it’s always fun to see how excited the kids get! I got my first Alex & Ani bracelet, and check out our new glasses from my SIL & BIL-to be J

All in all, we had the most fabulous day with almost all of our family — it can certainly be exhausting to be bouncing around all day and having to keep one eye on the clock – but I am really grateful that so much of our family is all in the same area!!!

December 26th felt like a little bit of a letdown — so much hype, stress, excitement – and it’s all over in one day – but hey, I’m still on vacation!

Other fun events:

  • I SAID YES TO THE DRESS!!! (Wedding gown – check! And I am so, so happy!) We also got to start looking at some bridesmaid dresses!
  • Got to go running with Katelyn while she was home from MA – running and workouts are so much more fun when you do them WITH someone!
  • P and I ventured up to the outlets in VT over the weekend – can’t say that we got a lot of great deals, but we had a lot of fun! It was a really fun date day
  • I’ve eaten way too many cookies and desserts and non-veggie things –oh well. #YOLO

P and I also tackled a pretty large project yesterday – we FINALLY got some organization going in our hall closet. When we remodeled our bathroom 4ish years ago, we also created a hall closet, since we have zero storage and minimal closet space. Until now, it’s been the kind of closet where you just throw something in with your eyes closed, slam the door shut, and hope that everything stays in there! Yesterday, we actually got around to hanging up the closet system! I say, “we”, but I really mean P – he’s so handy (thank goodness!) – but to be fair, I DID read the directions. I forgot to take the “before” picture, but here’s the progress and the finished pictures!

(cleared out)

(in progress with Handyman Pete)

(completed – now I just need more hangers!)

I’m so glad that it’s actually a functional space now instead of a cesspool of “stuff” – we also managed to donate 5 bags filled with clothes! Think I’ll be able to keep him going on these house projects when he’s home with me later in the week? 😉

So, there’s the holiday in a nutshell – sorry that ended up so long!! I certainly hope you all had a very happy holiday (if you celebrate)! We currently have no NYE plans – hopefully we’ll be able to make some definite ones soon!!


Answer me this: I’ve missed you all!!! Catch me up! What’s new with you? What was your favorite holiday gift? What’s on the agenda for NYE?

~ Brittany xo


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