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The Snowman Ab Squeeze

on December 12, 2013

So… I had every intention of getting this posted yesterday — but it never happened. Oops – I guess that’s what happened when you tend to write blog posts on the fly, as opposed to actually scheduling them and pre-writing! I have yet to get that all figured out!

Anyway – I wanted to share 3 ab moves that have been kicking my butt over the last 2 weeks – the first two came from Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp program – and are both performed with stability ball. The last one came from one of my Jillian Michael’s DVDs– I consistently felt sore every time I’ve done them … which is usually a sign to me that they are working 😉

First up: The Ball Exchange

In this particular move, you are basically passing the ball from your hands to your feet, while crunching in the middle. You’ll feel this throughout your entire core!

Roll-ins ~ in this move, you start off in a plank position, with the ball under your feet/shins – you then pull your knees (and the ball) into your chest – you’ll feel the movement in your lower abs

This last move is from Jillian Michaels – and in my head I always refer to it as the “snake move”- I have no idea why! Make sure that you have your shoulders off the ground and are reaching for the inside of your ankles! You can also do a similiar move with the stability ball – you hold it extended over your head (while laying on your back), and make a similar movement, pulling the ball in a “C” movement to the side.

I’ve been throwing these 2 moves into the middle or end of my workouts – I don’t really love core work, but I know that it’s SO important – and I have found that I don’t really mind doing these particular exercises – so it’s a win-win – I’ve been doing 2-3 sets of 15, alternating between the three moves. This is my first attempt at actually writing up a “workout”, so let me know if you try it out!! J

In other news – I officially did my bone marrow swab last night – it’s in the mail! Hooray!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week – I can’t believe that it’s almost Friday – but I’m sure happy that it is!

Answer me this: What’s your favorite ab move? Do you like to work your core?

~ Brittany xo


One response to “The Snowman Ab Squeeze

  1. Brittany says:

    Jan — I don’t know what happened to your comment! 😦 I went to reply to you and then it disappeared!

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