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Weekend Stories: Deck the Halls Edition

on December 9, 2013

Happy Monday dear readers! I had thought that I might be writing this while parked on my couch – based upon the forecast hear in the Northeast – but here in upstate NY, we pretty much got a “barely there” dusting of snow – not the barrage of ice that was originally expected. I am certainly happy to NOT be dealing with snow or ice, but I wouldn’t have complained about a few less work hours in my day!

So, how are you? I can say that the previous week was a tough one. My family experienced 2 health/medical crises within a day of one another – yikes – so, I’ve been a bit of a mess (don’t worry, nothing was life threatening – but certainly life changing). I don’t mean to be cryptic- I am just not ready to share every detail with the cyber space. So this weekend was definitely needed- to not have to be functioning at work, catching up on sleep, and being grateful for all that IS going right.

Saturday was an early morning wedding dress shopping appointment, with a potential front runner for “the gown” – and then P and I headed off to my holiday party for work. Initially, I was going because I felt like I should, but in the end, I’m really glad that I did – it was really nice to hang out with some of my co-workers in a different setting. P and I finished up the evening by picking up a few holiday gifts, and then settled in to (finally) watch the Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood (did anyone else catch this?) I know it got lots of crappy reviews – but I enjoyed it! I knew when I started that the production was the Broadway show, not the movie, which may have helped. I will admit that Carrie might not have made the best “Maria” but I really did enjoy it nonetheless (and have since been singing “Do-A-Deer” to myself and “I am 16 going on 17”, even though those are the only words I know, haha!!)

Sunday was a BIG day – we started off the day by doing a big clean out of the fridge and pantry…

Then came the main event –well to me—have I mentioned that I am a tad (P would disagree with this descriptor) Christmas obsessed – anyway, after my run, P and I went to bring home the Christmas tree. I never had a real tree (was actually adamantly against it!!!) until I started dating P, and we have continued to get our tree from the same place everrrry year. I fell in love with the first one we picked out, and home it came!! It just so happens that “find the perfect tree” was our activity on our advent calendar too, so that worked out! 😉

We spent the rest of Sunday festiv-izing (yes, that is now a word. It was more fun than decorating!) the Christmas tree and putting up some of the other decorations too. It’s always nice to pull out the ornaments that we’ve collected together and reminisce – okay, I LIKE to – P may just like to put them on the tree 😉 I like all the stories that are behind each of the ornaments—that’s what makes them so special! We thought we managed to bring home a smaller tree this year – but once we got it home, we realized, not so much! Anyway, it looks beautiful!!


While we were decorating our tree (and Fiona was again wondering why we brought a tree inside, and why can’t see eat the branches!?) – we also made cookies together! I was bound and determined to make hot chocolate cookies!! I read the recipe on the Hungry Runner Girl – but the recipe can be found here! They were omg amazing – P and I even realized that we had not put in enough butter until we had mixed everything together (OOPS!) – and they still turned out AWESOME. They are soft, yet dense, and definitely taste JUST like hot chocolate.

I will admit that we sprinkled some extra cocoa powder in the batter, just to make sure. And we also put peppermint marshmallows on some of the cookies, since I’m a huge fan of peppermint in my hot chocolate! Those didn’t look at pretty, but they still tasted good!! Plus, I can attest that these cookies are just as good the next day – cuz I just had one J So, bottom line, you should probably add these to your holiday cookie list! YUM!!

I’ll end this post on a tad more serious note. One of the medical crises that I mentioned at the start of this post, involves my 8 year old niece Olivia. You may remember that she has been battling Aplastic Anemia for almost a year now. She was on medication; however, this was unsuccessful, and did not help her body to begin to make blood cells and platelets again. She is continuing to receive blood and platelet transfusions weekly – and the doctors have decided that a bone marrow transplant is her best option right now – however, she currently has NO donors that match her tissues.

Therefore, I am asking all of my readers to please consider heading over to or to join the bone marrow registry – you can sign up online, and they will send multiple kits to your home – all you need to do is swab your cheek and then return it. YOU could be the person that Olivia is waiting for – or you could give someone else the gift of life. The more donors that are on the registry, the more chances there are to give someone a second chance at life. If you don’t want to join the bone marrow registry, I ask that you please pass this message forward to others. I am hoping that my kit arrives in the mail today, as the elf4health challenge tomorrow is to “pay it forward” – and I’d love for that to be the first part of my challenge!!

As always, thanks for reading. I truly appreciate you visiting my little space – I know I’m not the most consistent blogger, and I certainly just write when I feel the urge to do so, instead of being a “good” blogger and planning out my posts. I am so grateful for you all. I hope your week is off to a great start!


Answer me this: Do you have a favorite ornament? How about a must-have Christmas cookie? What have you done to pay it forward (I need more ideas for tomorrow!)?

~Brittany xo


4 responses to “Weekend Stories: Deck the Halls Edition

  1. I’m defnitely going to to make those cookies. Praying your niece finds a match soon.

  2. oooo, those cookies! They look delicious!!
    Prayers going out for your niece!!!! I hope she’s able to find a donor soon.

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