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Thanksgiving wrap-up

on December 2, 2013

Hello my lovely readers J I’m so sorry that we haven’t caught up in a few days!! It’s been a whirlwind of a couple of days, but I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my few days off…although, I am definitely feeling the holiday stress start to creep in – my brain has begun the “your christmas shopping is barely begun” mantra!

Thanksgiving was really enjoyable this year! I mentioned that we decided to order our meal from a local restaurant, and then made an additional couple of sides as well. Most of the food was delicious – aside from this strange mix of mixed vegetables, and no one had to stress about having everything ready for a change! P and I heated it all up, and then hosted dinner at our house J I spent the morning running my own turkey trot – I was so proud of myself, and ran 4.2 miles!

Once I was finished, I fought with making apple pie for the next several hours – my homemade crust decided to turn into the crust from hell…

But it all turned out in the end – and the pie was delicious!!! Even P liked it, and he doesn’t even like pie!! After much research, I decided to use Braeburn apples, and they definitely worked out as a good pie apple – they are able to stay firm – they get a little soft, but definitely not mushy!

Friday I had no difficulty deciding to stay home and away from all the crazy shoppers… I almost never go out on Black Friday, and I do a good chunk of my shopping from home! So, I spent some time researching various items, and then decided to start “Chistmas-izing” (yes, that IS a verb!!) the house!!

(hmmm, this picture makes it seem a little pathetic)

The weekend had a little bit of relaxing and a lot of other stuff – my Elf4Health challenge on Saturday was to treat yourself to something, so P and I headed to a matinee showing of Catching Fire, which we both really wanted to see, and we thoroughly enjoyed it (despite the beginning being a little drawn out)! If anyone wants to go see it, I’d gladly go see it again! 😉 We then did a little of our Christmas shopping together and then headed home to do some of the usual housework chores.

On Sunday, I ran 4.75 miles – the longest I have gone in a very long time – I was quite proud of myself! I really wanted to a run a 10K turkey trot this year, but it just didn’t happen (thank you IT band) – so instead, I am concentrating on slowly building up my mileage, at a rate that my body can handle, and will try again next year! Maybe I’ll be able to do one in the spring when racing season really begins again. There’s other winter races happening around NY, but I just have no desire to run in a foot of snow in the wind and cold! I finished up my workout with 100 burpees, for the Elf4Health daily challenge – whoa. That was quite the experience – I decided to do mine in sets of 25 with 2-3 minutes rest in between… I may hate burpees, but they are such a good total body move!

I also popped a very important question to some ladies this weekend, but you’ll have to wait for the details on that one!!

So, now we are back to the grind – I am feeling really sluggish today… but hopefully will be back in the swing of things tomorrow – I overslept this morning, and the day just has not really seemed to get off the ground. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!! I want to wish you all a very happy belated Thanksgiving (if you celebrate!) –I hope your day was filled with lots of family and food and that you were really able to enjoy it. I am so grateful for all of you who continue to visit this little blog of mine and read what I have to say J

Here’s to a great week!

Answer me this: What’s your relationship with burpees? What Thanksgiving tradition did you celebrate this year? Any “crazy” Black Friday shoppers?


~ Brittany xo


4 responses to “Thanksgiving wrap-up

  1. coming back from break is always the hardest, I just don’t feel like myself until like two or three days into routine.

  2. Taryn says:

    Your pie looks great! I bet it tasted even better for the trouble it gave you.

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