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Weekend stories: birthday cake, pictures, & apples (oh my?)

on November 18, 2013

Monday, Monday – you come again…. Let’s start this week off with a hip, hip, hooray, shall we? I’m tired of loathing Monday (at least for now!!)

So, this weekend was busy, but a good one! Most importantly,


(sorry Mom, your eyes were closed in every. single. picture. I, too, look strange, wearing P’s fleece)

Mom’s birthday was on Friday, and I started to write a post, but then realized that I definitely needed to be able to show you her super delicious cake!!

I made her a strawberry cake with a chocolate whipped cream frosting (since she highly dislikes regular frosting) – You can find the cake recipe here – It’s a Betty Crocker recipe- I just substituted plain greek yogurt for the oil. I find that the yogurt makes the cake super moist and has a good flavor!

For the frosting, P suggested we use whipping cream and chocolate pudding mix – and we just whipped it up with a hand mixer! I was skeptical, but it turned out great, even though I tend to like my frosting a tad more sweet. For the filling of the cake, I used strawberry jam and fresh strawberries. It was definitely a winner in our book 😀

It was great to spend some time with most of my family (minus the Georgians), and celebrate my Mom. She is my best friend in the entire world, and even though I jokingly call her “Sally Sunshine” due to her extreme optimism – many times I wish I had received her “positivity” gene. Mom, you are one in a million, and I am so lucky to be your daughter – and I’m even luckier to call you my best friend. You keep our family rolling forward, you listen to me bitch/whine/moan about life, and you sure like to be “dorky” You taught me how to keep flying, even when the weather conditions are stormy, to keep looking for the rainbow, and to always brush my teeth and hair and wash my face before I leave the house – no matter what! You taught me to tie my shoes, ride a bike sans training wheels, and have read every single paper and essay, as well as every post I’ve written on this blog. I’m pretty sure you are my biggest fan and I’m pretty glad that you’re my Mom 😉 I love you!! ❤

Rest of the weekend was spent with a hair appointment, house “stuff”, workouts, and meeting with “the” photographer, I think, for the wedding…. We spent 3ish hours with the husband/wife duo in their home – where they cooked for us, and we talked about everything from weddings to dogs to family to television. It was pretty amazing. They have kinda sorta “retired” from wedding photography and moved on to tackle other projects, but I think we may have convinced them to do “just one more” wedding 😉 Honestly, I feel relieved to find a photographer (well 2), that we really felt connected too…. It’s certainly been an interesting journey thus far! Foodies, Check out their blog – David is an “ex” French chef and Charl is a cocktail extraordinaire (among other endeavors!)

In other random news, have you guys ever tried a “Sweet tango apple?!” they are amazing!! A cross between a Honeycrisp and a Zestar apple … apparently they have been around since 2009, but this is the first that I’ve seen them…somehow they manage to be sweet, tangy, and crisp all at the same time. Sooooo good!!! (and great with peanut butter!)

Tonight, I am tackling one of my 2013 resolutions (better late than never, right?) – it is the first meeting of a book club that my mom’s friends/daughters have decided to form. We are meeting to pick out a book – we are all coming with several suggestions – and to talk about what our book club will “look like.” I’m super excited and anxious all at the same time. I’ve never been a part of a book club, so this is totally new to me! My book suggestions? These:


I haven’t read either of them, but they both look fascinating! I’ll have to see if one gets picked!! Hope the beginning of the week has been good to you thus far!

Answer me this: Ever been in a book club? Do you have a favorite book? What is your least favorite “housework” chore? (I have several – putting away laundry, litterboxes, and mopping the hardwood floors!)

~ Brittany xo


6 responses to “Weekend stories: birthday cake, pictures, & apples (oh my?)

  1. Maureen says:

    I’ve always wanted to be in a book club but never have :(. That cake looks amazing and that’s such a good idea to put pudding in the frosting! I absolutely hate mopping. And emptying the dishwasher. I’m so lazy lol

  2. I actually have a book club with a small group of friends. It’s a great excuse to get together and keeps me accountable to reading.

    Looks like your mom had a great birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Momma! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time celebrating. Such a sweet note you wrote for her too. You both are lucky to have the relationship you do ❤

    p.s. your cake sounds delicious!!!!

  4. Mom says:

    You are right, jessielovestorun, it is wonderful to have such a terrific relationship/friendship with my daughter. I feel very lucky, Brittany, you are part of my life . thank you for writing a b’day blog and you do make the best cakes – i always look forward to them ;-)) I Love You. XOXO

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