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Good Life Holiday Challenge

on November 14, 2013

Ahhhhh Thursday is winding down and we’re already sliding down into the weekend *two thumbs up*

What are you up this afternoon, friends? I’m getting ready to go for a run (on the treadmill of course!) once I hit “post.” I am starting to be able to run longer distances at a more typical speed, which is a big relief – I have found that I have lost a whole lot of endurance due to my IT band injury. I certainly wasn’t running 20 mile weeks … but still, it was certainly frustrating!!

I just wanted to pop in today to share with you a challenge that I just signed up for this morning – and I am super excited about it! You may remember that last year around this time, the blogging world was gearing up for “Healthy sELF”, put on by Lindsey @ theleangreenbean and Elle from Nutritionella … no word on that if the program will be coming back (*hint hint, ladies – it was awesome!). I later became a “healthy sELF ambassador” because I loved the program so much!!

I find that it is very easy to become stressed out and wrapped up in the holiday season – and typically for the wrong reasons – I get all anxious about finding the perfect gift, not over-spending, decorating the house, not eating my weight (times two) of holiday goodies! Often the holiday season ends up being a blur, and I’m a ball of nerves for most of it – totally missing out on all the good things.

Last year, P and I made our own Advent Calendar, which definitely helped me to slow down and enjoy this time of year – I am most certainly looking forward to pulling it out on the first of December.

Yesterday, I stumbled across the “Good Life Holiday Challenge” hosted by Jamie, from (formally StudioEats). Jamie does a lot of “Intuitive Eating” challenges, which I have never participated in.

Jamie describes this challenge as “helping you to get what you actually need… helping you feel relaxed, calm, and organized… helping you honor your body instead of battling against it… helping you feel loved and connected with others…helping you enjoy every second of the holiday season.”

Jamie says: What I’ve learned is that surviving the holidays isn’t about going for the carrot sticks instead of the creamy artichoke dip. It’s not about willpower. It’s not about brushing your teeth after dinner so that you’re not “tempted” to eat dessert. It’s not about deprivation. Instead, being healthy throughout the holidays is about spending that precious time really taking care of yourself.  It’s about learning to love yourself more and beat yourself up less. It’s about having fun, deeply engaging with the people around you, enjoying everything that you put into your mouth, and making sure that you feel balanced, relaxed and happy.


Ummm…. Yes please!! Sign me up!

The challenge consists of receiving an email every day from Nov 24 to January 1st, which will encourage me to do one thing to help me be my happiest and healthiest, both physically and mentally – it’s not about counting calories, or brushing my teeth 6x a day, or exercising for many hours, or swapping out cookies for broccoli. Instead, the challenge focuses on small changes that you can sustain for the long term J Each of the five weeks has its own theme (but to find out what those are – you’ll have to sign up 😉 ) There are also a bunch of amazing prizes for participating and many ways to stay connected with others throughout the challenge!

Sounds amazing right? You’re totally intrigued?

Great! You can sign up with me! Go here: and join me! It’s free! Think how amazing it will be to slow down a little and take some time for yourself to truly enjoy this season.

I’m in – are you? (and if you are, if you mention my name, I get points!;-) ) Come #goodlifechallenge with me!

Answer me this: What do you think about the challenge, interested in signing up? What is on your wish list for this holiday season?

~ Brittany xo


7 responses to “Good Life Holiday Challenge

  1. I saw the same thing on Clare’s Fitting It All In Blog yesterday. I love a good challenge and I signed up instantly!! Looking forward to this as well!! Excited to see what the challenge has in store for us.

  2. Heading over to check out the challenge!

  3. I just signed up and said you sent me, I’m excited!

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