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This Weekend: Kitchen Experiments

on November 12, 2013

Happy 11-12-13!! I hope that means it’s going to be an incredible day J

A great big giant thank you to all the Veterans – thank you so very much to all of you that have served and are currently serving – a simple thank you feels inadequate for all you do and the many sacrifices you make every day – but it is appreciated more than you know. Several of my family members and friends are in the military, and I am so thankful for them.

Can we just chat about how incredible a 3 day weekend feels? Why can’t every weekend be 3 days? I actually had time to be productive AND have time to relax –it’s amazing how much happier, lighter, and ready to “face the week” I feel today! Wedding “things” were accomplished (or at least started, haha), the house was cleaned, laundry was done, and P, Fiona and I actually got to spend some non-cleaning, non-errand running time together. It was pretty much a perfect weekend.

This weekend, P tried his hand at making both pear jelly and poached pears! We have that pear tree in our backyard – over the last 4 years it has grown very tall, and is pretty much just a pain in the ass to our existence—the squirrels take the pears, chew them up, and leave the remnants on the ground, which attracts wasps. Awesome. The pears also haven’t been getting ripe/sweet over the last several years (and really, I’d just like to get rid of it!). This year the crop was better, and P actually went up the ladder and picked some pears 😀 So, we had a huge amount of pears sitting on our counter. Imagine this x 3:

When went to a tasting for a caterer, we had cinnamon poached pears on our salad, and we thought that they were amazing. So P decided that he’d try his hand at making some of those yesterday. He decided to make champagne poached pears, since we had some on hand. So, he peeled them, cored them, and poached away with the bottle of champagne and some raw sugar

They turned out pretty good – but we decided they were “nothing special” – P also thinks that the champagne may have been bad – we’ve had it a long time. We’re planning to eat the pears on our salad tonight for dinner. It will make a nice change, and we can always try again – I think we may have more pears 😉

P also tried his hand at pear jelly. I can’t say that I was too much help with this project – I was ironing during this little experiment!). I did help pick out the supplies though, and we decided to go with the easier, non-sealing, canning process with the mason jars. We bought some of these cute little “jars”

And some of this too

And then pretty much, it becomes a chopping, “mushing” process with the pears, pectin and some sugar (and probably some other spices too) – I wish I took a shot of the final product – it came out really yummy! It was chunkier than a traditional jam or jelly – more like a chutney actually. I can’t wait to eat some.

Also a first this weekend? We tried our hand at roasting acorn squash – P said it was “okay”, but I really really liked it! Maybe it was because we ate it with tacos? The recipe was really simple- cut them open, dug out the guts and scored them. Then we rubbed them with butter, and put brown sugar and a drizzle of maple syrup in the cavity (hole?), and put them in the oven for an hour.

Don’t mind the fork marks – we were checking to see if they were “very soft” – they were! We weren’t really sure how to eat them. I decided to take my half and just dig the squash out and eat it – like a baked potato. It was so, so, good — I am really excited that we have leftovers 🙂

So, lots of kitchen experiments this weekend! And lots of DVR watching, wedding, and workouts 😉

Here’s hoping your week is off to a great start!

Answer me this: Every made jam/jelly or canned your own fruits and veggies? It seems complicated! What did you do this weekend? Know any Veterans?

~ Brittany xo


6 responses to “This Weekend: Kitchen Experiments

  1. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Hubby makes some awesome jams, jellies and sauces, it’s actually not too hard once you get into it! Another thing you can do with acorn squash? Make a vegan alfredo! I use the kg lunchbox blog recipe and am obsessed. So easy and so good!… we also do stuffed acorn squash-quinoa or rice, some veggies and spices. Perfect!

  2. Lol that is funny, since we list date/month/year not month/date/year like you guys do we didn’t have a day of 11/12/13 …but will come December 🙂

    I had a 3 day weekend last week too and absolutely loved it 🙂

    On the weekend my boyfriend and I went to a wedding Friday night and then I did brunch with some friends on Sunday. When I was younger I used to help my mum make jam from raspberries, it was always so so good!

    • Brittany says:

      Sounds like a fun weekend– I haven’t done brunch in a long time! My grandmother used to make grape jelly– I kinda miss it now that she’s passed! It’s so interesting to me how we have different seasons, different dates– so cool!! Is it warm there?

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