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A Monday Funk

on November 4, 2013

Soooo… it’s Monday. Came far too soon and kinda hit me like a ton of bricks. So was not ready.

Yes, I know I should probably change my attitude so that the week does not get off to a crappy start. But UGGGGG.

One thing that most likely a GINORMOUS factor to this Monday funk/slump – lack of sleep. And no, I promise I wasn’t out to all hours of the night or partying hard – no, the reason for my sleep deprivation? This face.

For the last 3 or 4 days, Fiona has been waking up at the crack of dawn – like 4 AM crack of dawn – and whining for HOURS. She is crated at night, in her own room next to ours, and it has NEVER been an issue, even when she was a puppy. All she wants to be able to get into bed with us – which we decided against when we brought her home – the bed is too small, and the cats sleep with us. The first night this happened, we let her into our bed after letting her out– I thought maybe she was cold. Bad idea.

So, over the weekend, we decided we were not going to give in to her. Which results in HOURS of puppy whining and crying. It. Was. Awful. We have no idea what brought about this new behavior – we have also noticed that she has been very needy and attached to our hip at all times during the day. Our only thought is that she’s had enough of our schedule changes – wedding appointments have resulted in some long days for her – even though my mom comes and lets her out/walks her in the afternoon.

On Saturday, we were out and about in the morning, but were home for the rest of the day on Saturday – P did outside work while I cleaned the house top to bottom (which felt SO good – even if it wasn’t fun! It’s amazing how awesome if feels to have a clean house – and clean sheets!) We (ok, P)also gathered up a ton of pears from the pear tree in our backyard – usually we don’t end up enjoying any of them, but end with a ton of bees flying around them and drunk squirrels from fermented pears! But at the moment, we have a ton!! Fiona was outside all day – P chased her around the yard, we took her for a long walk, and spent some QT with her in the evening on the couch. Sounds great, right? We thought so.


Sunday – 5 AM– more whining and crying. Awesome. (aka shoot me). Last night we tried turning off her radio and putting another blanket in her bed (she likes to snuggle in them) – and she apparently slept through the night (or we were so exhausted that we didn’t hear her!). Who knows what tonight will bring.

It’s also been a tough day thus far at work – probably because I’m tired and cranky and seem to have left my patience at home!

So. Time to turn my frown upside down. It always helps me to think of things that I am grateful for when I am in a funk. I know that I’m not the only one – it is a surefire way to bring a smile to your face. Plus, ’tis the season!

Today, I am grateful for

  • The kids doing a coffee sale on Monday morning!
  • The sun is coming through my window
  • The heat is working in my office today (and along with this, I’m grateful for my heated seats)
  • My northface mittens (can you tell it’s cold?)
  • My hubs-to-be – I love him J
  • Wedding planning with my hubs-to-be! He’s been so involved and invested, and honestly, it’s been stressful, but really, really fun too!
  • My socks match my sweater today – they are both blue argyle!
  • My candy corn oreo that I ate after lunch
  • An amazing meeting with a potential caterer on Friday night

There. I’m already feeling slightly less blah 😀 Aside from the house cleaning, and non-sleeping dog, we also had my work’s pancake breakfast fundraiser, a bridal show, and a meeting with a photographer on Sunday … we ended up having Panera for dinner so that we didn’t have to cook or clean up, haha. (Thank you Panera!!)

So, here’s to this being the start of a good week and being able to shake off this funk!

Answer me this: What are you grateful for today? Do you get giddy about a clean house and clean sheets?

~ Brittany xo



3 responses to “A Monday Funk

  1. Mom says:

    I see the glass half full here – helps turn that frown upside down ;-))

  2. Stacie says:

    I love nothing more than some clean sheets! Somehow, I know I sleep better : )

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