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Running for my Life

on October 30, 2013

Thank you all so much for all the congratulations on our engagement!!! It made the day that much sweeter and I was so excited to share the news with all of you! 😀 I will now try NOT to become a wedding blog 😉

So, you know about the SUPER EXCITING part of Sunday, but I wanted to fill you in on my race, which happened Sunday morning!

P, my friend Kathy, and I ran a race called the rUNDEAD and all proceeds benefited the Special Olympics (yay!!!)

The race was a trail run that went through the state park, and you were literally “running for your life” as you tried to avoid zombies that were all throughout the course! We all wore belts that had 3 flags attached, and the zombies tried to steal them for you. If you lost all your flags, you were considered dead, and were not eligible to win prizes.

People could choose to either run or be zombies – and the zombies were all made up with make-up to look pretty realistic (I think that might be an oxymoron?) – some of them had some pretty wild costumes and had obviously practiced their zombie moves – and there were also some little kid zombies, who were just plain cute 😀

I went in to the race knowing that I probably wasn’t going to shouldn’t run the entire race – especially since it was a trail race and would include lots of hills and uneven terrain. I also knew that I needed to run for fun and not even think about my time…. (but I did anyway)

There were parts of the race I loved:

  • The trail aspect – made me feel like I was running CC again
  • Getting into the Halloween spirit (I actually really dislike Halloween, but this was really fun!)
  • Putting together our costumes – our team name was Brains B4 Brawn
  • Still having a chip timer
  • Once you got moving, the cold weather was okay – I actually ran in long sleeves for the first time! I bought it from Target and I love it!
  • My abs were sore the next day from all the twisting and dodging! And my hamstrings are still sore!

There were also parts that needed some work (this was only the 2nd running of this race)

  • The course was DANGEROUS! There were spots where you had to run single file through the woods, and there was also an overhang with wet rocks – with no one monitoring the area
  • P was told to “slow down” by a race official – really?? It’s a race.
  • “Runners” would only sprint past the zombies, and then would dead stop and walk. And you couldn’t get past them. I wasn’t expecting to PR, but I did want to actually run the race!
  • The course wasn’t well marked – and lots of people ended up cutting off part of the course, especially when we were running through open fields, which decreased the distance. My garmin said I ran 2.9 miles.
  • I got sick of the zombies, haha. It was really fun to be chased by them – but by the end of the race, I just wanted them to go away
  • Hardly any of the runners were in costumes – lame!

So, sadly, our team did not make it out alive. I held on to my last flag through the first 2.5 miles or so – P had his until the last 100 yards… and he swears he was given a colonoscopy by the person who took it 😉 (tmi? – let’s just say if you had a flag at the end of the race, the zombies were really aggressive).

Even through there were negatives, I really, really enjoyed running this race, and we all decided that we would run it again next year 😀 We did have zombies on our team as well, but sadly, they all had to drop out at the last minute. Overall, it was a really fun experience – even though my knee is now acting up again. *sigh* I did make it through the race with no pain. It was probably a good thing that I was forced to stop and walk, otherwise I probably would have been stubborn and pushed through.

Plus, hubs-to-be makes a pretty adorable “nerd”

So, if you have the option to try out a zombie race – I say go for it — and run for your life!! (I do not advocate running with a tie, however – it kinda tries to choke you out!)

Answer me this: Ever run a zombie race or a themed race? How do you feel about Halloween?


~ Brittany xo


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  1. Lol loved your outfit, shame not many others got into it!

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