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Menu Planning – works for us!

on October 21, 2013

Helloooooooooooooooooooooo out there J Happy Monday!

So, you may have noticed that I kinda like love to plan. I have a hard time when I have to go “off schedule” or be spontaneous – sometimes, this can be a real detriment to the situation (and I need to get better at dealing with this!), but at other times, my highly organized planning personality works out.

Meal planning is one of those times.

P and I hit up the grocery store every Sunday (NOT the best time to go, btw) for the week. I am so, so, so glad that he comes shopping with me because A: it’s not my most favorite thing to do and B: I hate pushing the cart. Anyway, we used to hit up the store with a list of stuff we needed – but no real plan for the week. That resulted in a whole lot of “What should we have for dinner?” conversations – which usually happened as we both were trying to leave the house!! And we also ended up spending more money than we needed to.

Stressful? I think so!!

About 2 years ago, I stumbled across this little gem, which has been a lifesaver! I bought it through Amazon, but it’s made by (**Note – I just checked the website before posting, and discovered that it is currently down for maintenanceL)

One side is the meal planning side, and the other is the grocery list! That makes it SO easy to plan, and make our list at the same time! (I even started becoming that crazy person that lists food according to sections in the grocery store – although, it is helpful!). Plus, both the list and the menu plan are perforated (and separate from one another), so once we are finished, the list goes to the store, and the menu plan goes on the fridge!

This little planning tool has worked out great for us!! We both know what’s for dinner, we can take out frozen meat beforehand, and do any prep that we need to do. We also make sure to schedule in leftovers as well, otherwise, they just go to waste (we’re not huge fans of leftovers and we forget about them!) Lately, we’ve also been planning less intense meals at the end of the week, since we just get tired!

Check out this cauliflower that we got yesterday … it’s HUGE! (and kinda reminds me of a brain?)


This week’s menu plan:

Monday: Homemade pizza (w/ mushrooms and leftover meatballs) & salad

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday!! (My favorite!!) Tacos & salsa rice

Wednesday: Sweet potato chili bake (and probably salad for me)

Thursday: Veggie burgers with avocado/peppers, baked potato & a veggie

Friday: Veggie wraps w/ goat cheese and hummus (made with leftover veggies that I roast on Sundays for lunch all week), w/ sweet potato tater tots & salad


Yum. Now I’m hungry!!! I also have to note that Sunday brunch included homemade Belgian waffles (P is amaazzzzing!) – so good.



And since it’s Monday, here’s a little motivation for you to get through the day! Make today a good one friends!!



Answer me this: Do you menu plan? What are some of your tools and tricks? How do you feel about leftovers?




2 responses to “Menu Planning – works for us!

  1. I love the idea of Taco Tuesday. I may just have to start copying you =)

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