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A little catch up with yours truly!

on October 17, 2013

So … it’s Thursday already? The week kinda got away from me! I’d like to say that it’s because the week has just flown by – but not so much. In reality, every single day has been jam packed with work and appointments and “stuff” that blogging just had to take a little bit of a back seat! I’ve even been getting up early to fit my workouts in! Which also means that I am ready to crash at 8:00!!

So, let’s catch up before this week is over!!

First things first: doctor appointment. Thank you all so much for your good luck vibes for my knee doctor appointment! I did have an x-ray while I was there, and everything looked fine. I was diagnosed with IT band syndrome, which is exactly what I thought it was. So, no running for the moment … (and this week I’ve actually stuck to that! Haha), and the doc sent me home with some stretches/strengthening that I can do. He also told me that I could do PT if I wanted, and he would give me a cortisone shot if it was really annoying me! I’ve decided to go the easy route for now – I’m just kinda waiting it out and giving it time. It sucks, but I know it’s better in the long run and it is getting better. I KNOW walking is a great workout, but MAN is it boring on the treadmill … and not very cardiovascular when you’re walking your dog who wants to stop and sniff, sniff, sniff!! So, end story: nothing too serious, just annoying, and I’m still planning on running my zombie race at the end of October!

Waiting for my xray in my sexy attire

Last weekend was our out of town wedding experience, as P’s cousin was getting married at a Vineyard about 90 minutes away. So on Friday, I dropped my parents off at the airport and then went to get a mani/pedi. There’s just something about having pretty nails that makes everything better. I definitely enjoyed my hour of pampering – the leg/foot massage is never long enough!

Saturday AM I was up early and headed to the hair salon to get my hairs did. I’m totally hair challenged, you may remember, so having the appointment just took some of the stress off my shoulders! We decided to leave it down and curl it. I was nervous about it actually holding, since I had to sit in the car for 90 minutes and the wedding wasn’t until 4:30! But it all turned out okay J I just tried not to move much

Look! It’s Shirley Temple!

Once we dropped off the dog for boarding (always sad, but she loves it!), we headed south! It took longer than expected to get there, and once we reached our hotel, we had not much time to get changed, before we had to hop on the shuttle to the Vineyard! Little crazy, but it all worked out!

The wedding was beautiful – the ceremony took place on top of a hill that over-looked the Hudson and the mountains beyond. Gorgeous. I was freezing, but luckily my date had a suit jacket! Cocktail hour was inside the vineyard, and the hor d’oeuvres (that is the hardest word to spell!!!) were so good! Maple bacon wrapped scallops, a mango “sushi” roll, pulled pork in a tiny pie shell… yum. And champagne, of course.

Not a bad view…

The reception was held in a tent attached to the vineyard – but it was more like a “circus tent” (but white) rather than the traditional event tent. I was a little chilly throughout the night, as our table was in the back, and there wasn’t much heat, but I survived 😉 The reception was set up with the traditional activities – introductions, first dance, parent dances, speeches, interspersed between the dinner courses. I wish I could tell you that dinner was fantastic, but it was just kinda “eh” – except for the goat cheese “mozzarella stick” that was part of the salad – THAT was amazing – gotta try to replicate that one at home J After dinner, we were up and dancing and somehow missed eating our wedding cake! Bummer.

I love this dress … It was a little windy!

I still had champagne though, so it was ok 😉

The bride looked gorgeous and I loved, loved, loved her dress… and her hair! I didn’t get a great shot – luckily I was able to borrow this one from P. Overall it was a beautiful day, and we were really glad that we were there to celebrate it!

Sunday was spent traveling home, picking up the dog, and catching up on a little sleep – can’t say I slept all that well in the hotel – but who really does, usually? We were off from work on Monday, thanks to Columbus, and we spent that time catching up on house work, laundry, and meal planning/shopping for the week!

*Phew* I sure feel better, now that we’re pretty much caught up. We’re now officially back to regularly scheduled blogging 😉 .. well, as scheduled as I get anyway! I missed you all and hope that your week has been rolling along smoothly!!

Answer me this: What’s your favorite part of a wedding? Mine is when the bride is walking down the aisle, and the groom sees her – I like to watch his face J and the first dance together!

        How do you feel about AM workouts? I like getting them out of the way early, but man has my body had a hard time adjusting to waking up earlier!

~ Brittany xo


2 responses to “A little catch up with yours truly!

  1. Hey! Glad your knee wasn’t anything too serious – try to continue doing all the right things and it’s sure to get better soon!
    I LOVE weddings!! Everything about them! It’s just such a joyous, happy, celebratory occasion….you can’t NOT be happy at a wedding! The very end of the ceremony when all is said and done and they’re announced husband and wife…thats probably one of my fav parts!
    I like working out in the morning, but not like 6am morning….if only I could do like 8/8:30 – that would be perfect. Ehh, so is life! lol
    -Sammy @

    • Brittany says:

      I have to say that I am really liking having my workout finished in the AM– sure makes the evening a little less stressful!! 🙂 but getting up at 5AM is tough! It’s so dark out!!!

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