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Things that Scare Me

on October 10, 2013

Feeling uncomfortable is important in life – it is in these moments that we experience change. I know this. In fact, I even have the quote that uncomfortable = change in my sunroom where I work out. It’s kinda faded at this point (I wrote with a dry erase marker on the glass in the door – neat trick) – but I can still see it every time I work out, and it motivates me.

But, let’s face it. Feeling uncomfortable is not a fun thing. The end result is usually worth it, but that part in the middle – yuck.

Today, in the shower, (where I do my best thinking after the treadmill!), I was randomly thinking of all the things that scare me and/or make me feel uncomfortable… and it probably started off because of this one:

Today is knee doctor appointment day (Insert terrified face here). My knee has been feeling a little better throughout the day – but I still struggle with jumping, lateral movements, hills, and most of all – running. I’ve tried to talk myself out of going about 20x in fear of what they are going to tell me. I’m not even real worried about what’s wrong with me knee- I really don’t think it’s something major – I’m more fearful of how limited my fitness routine is going to be.

Spiders, Snakes and Rodents. I’m a typical girl on this one, I suppose. You know, the screeching, jumping onto the furniture type of girl. I can get rid of spiders, but only if I have to!! I’ve had a bat in my office and in my house, mice (in my office and in my house), and of course all kinds of insect critters—yeah, no thanks!! I get someone else to deal with them!!

Making phone calls. This is one that’s been around all my life. I used to BEG my mother to make phone calls for me when I needed to. I HATE them! I can’t even really tell you why – but even calling a store to ask if they had a product would send me into a fit of anxiety. I’ve only finally started to get better since starting my current job, since phone calls can be a pretty big part of my day many days – but I still really, really, REALLY don’t like it – and there are times when I really have to work myself up (or down?) into doing it!

The dark. (I’m starting to sound like I’m 4 years old). I hate being in the dark, walking the dog in the dark, walking up the stairs in the dark – you know, because something COULD come out and grab me. You never know.

Mistakes. This one is a big one. I’m a perfectionist. We all know this. I have a very hard time being wrong, perceiving that I’m wrong, or making any sort of mistake. I teach all day long about how making mistakes are how we learn – but when it comes to myself, I struggle with this. And I know I’ve caught myself not talking about something (many a time), or giving my opinion, or getting into a friendly debate, because I don’t want to be wrong. This goes right along with my need to please everyone.

Food. I’ve always been a pretty picky eater – this has definitely improved with age – and since starting to date P, I’m pretty willing to take a bite of just about anything to try it. I’ve worked hard to get out of my comfort zone in this one. Except for (everything but scallops) seafood. I KNOW fish is good for me – and most people really enjoy fish, shrimp, clams, etc. Yeah, no thanks. Slimy, fishy and ewwwwww.

Being behind the curve. I’m 31 – and in my head I SHOULD be married with at least 1 child in my life. Except my life didn’t work out that way. That should be okay – and some days it is – I’m in a healthy, happy, committed relationship with 3 fur kids – and even have the picket fence. But other days, I hear my biological clock ticking away … and am reminded that my fertility peaked at 27…. So, 4 years ago…. Freaks me out!!!

Blood. In my house, we call this “syrup”, because even the word blood can make me feel woozy – even typing it actually. I passed out once at a first aid training when the instructor was talking about a squirting head wound, and I’m not so good when I cut myself – especially if I think it’s bad – even when P nicks himself in the kitchen, he’s learned to turn around! I was okay with blood until about my junior year of HS – no idea what happened – but I just do not deal well. I tried to find a picture – but they all made me nauseous!

Social situations. I think I’m a bit socially awkward. I like to hang out with close friends, but don’t really typically love being in a big group of people, especially if it’s people I haven’t met yet. I’m actually usually fince once I’m there – it’s the thinking about it that gets me. I’m an introvert by nature, and recharge by doing things alone, yet, I don’t really love to be by myself, usually (figure that one out – #issues?). Of course, I’m probably afraid that I’ll make a mistake and/or people won’t like me, haha! Definitely something that can make me uncomfortable!

I know that when I face things that scare me and make me uncomfortable I am only getting stronger, and practicing new coping strategies and thought patterns – but man, getting there is not always easy, right? (haha I totally just typed fright instead of right!)

Your turn: Tell me something that scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable

~ Brittany xo


10 responses to “Things that Scare Me

  1. Good luck at your appointment today!

  2. Hi! I’m new to your blog – found you on Twitter! This post made me giggle – I also don’t like spiders, the dark or fish! lol Haunted houses and scary movies scare me (duh!) but I love them at the same time! Glad I found you…seems like we have a lot in common! Good luck at your appointment.
    -Sammy @

    • Brittany says:

      Hi Sammy!! Welcome to my blog space 🙂 I’m so glad you dropped by!! I can’t wait to check out your blog 🙂 sounds like we have lots of things in common!!

  3. I hope the appointment goes well. I also HATE spiders with a passion, they give me the heeby jeebies!!

  4. I’m terrified of my hormones never straightening out & not being able to have children on my own. Dealing with infertility has taken such a toll on myself mentally within the past year + that I really just need to remind myself that God has a plan and things will workout exactly how there supposed too =)

  5. olivetorun says:

    Love things…. I think its important to be self aware and step outside of our comfort zones.
    Hope your appointment went well.

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