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Weekend & A Family Tradition

on October 8, 2013

Good mooooooooooooooooooooooorning J How is ya? It’s a little bit chilly here this AM, but it’s supposed to be a beautiful day (and I’m STILL wearing my flip flops to and from work) – it will be nice to see the sun since it’s been a little gloomy around these parts – yesterday we even had a tornado warning at one point – but it was just very “dark and stormy” Check out what we spied in our backyard though ….

So glad that P didn’t let me miss this! It was a full double rainbow!

The weekend was spent with running errands, staying dry, visiting the Confectionary (again!), the Buddy Walk and time spent with family. It was a little tiring, but still fantastic J

Cheeses & Prosuitto from the Confectionary (sorry the pic is kinda crappy – low lighting! … I should have taken a pic of my brownie too!

After running some errands on Friday, P and I stopped at a Target on the way home – the original intent was to see if the fitbit flex replacement/extra bracelets were in – they have been out of stock for over a month now – mine was ripping (after 3 months! Grrr), and I’m currently having to make do with the “large” bracelet – kinda awkward

The bracelet was missing yet again. However, we had so much fun playing with all the items in the dollar bins! The section was huge in this particular Target, and we had more fun trying on ridiculous items, finding cheap fall decorations, and I tried to talk P into having a Halloween party … we laughed so hard my belly hurt J

Gosh he’s cute 😉

We also scored some curtains on clearance for our guest room! I think we are only going to use one, but for $8, I’m thinking I can use the other one for accents or some fun projects. Of course,when we got home, we relauzed that there was no curtain rod in the room. We have a multitude of rods hanging in every other room, except that one *whomp whomp* – so the curtains will have to wait a little while longer.

I also picked this up at Target too, and was super excited about it ….


But I didn’t really like it … and it was kind of a #superfail to me – I think it was because it was a light roast! It had a weird funky aftertaste

And when I got home, I was feeling a little guilty about all the bread, cheese, and chocolate, I had consumed – so I hopped on my treadmill at 10:56 and ended up running 3.2 miles … #gotissues?

Sunday was the Buddy Walk, and it was a lot of fun. I showed up at 9 to help set up and then run the registration table – it was pretty chilly in the beginning of the day, and of course, it rained, because it always does on Buddy Walk day! I actually really enjoyed myself, and it’s really amazing to see all the families together, celebrating and raising awareness for Down syndrome. #warmfuzzy.

Our team shirt

Sunday evening was spent having dinner with my parents and Craig –we had a sort of “potluck” dinner – P and I brought some veggie burgers and toppings, and my Mom took care of the sides. YUM! But the main event, was really dessert!

For as long as I can remember, root beer floats have been a big thing in my family. When I was in school, many of my friends got money or toys when report cards came out – not me. I’m not really sure how the family tradition started, but we celebrated all my major accomplishments with root beer floats. Report cards, track/cross-country accomplishments, summer vacation … getting into college, graduating, getting into grad school, completing every year of school, getting a job — always root beer floats!! We’ve even adopted P into the family tradition, and when he got his new job – we celebrated with root beer floats for him 😀

It’s definitely something I look forward to, and now root beer floats have some pretty amazing big memories associated with them. I know it’s a tradition that I want to carry on with my children – I think it’s so much better than receiving money or a toy – it made the moment last longer, and we would talk about all the hard work that it took to get there while enjoying our special treat. It’s become something that’s really special to me.

We never celebrated the end of the school year/summer school due to scheduling issues, so on Sunday we celebrated making it through another school year and the start of fall with apple crisp and root beer floats. 😀 Definitely a perfect end to the weekend!!


Answer me this: What did you do this weekend? Tell me some of your family traditions!


One response to “Weekend & A Family Tradition

  1. Some great family traditions there 🙂

    This weekend I caught up with a friend who is visiting from the UK. I also went out to an amazing brunch place and spent much needed time with my bf

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