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My Monday Musings

on September 23, 2013

Will alliteration ever get old? I think not!

Anyway – Did anyone else feel like the weekend moved way too fast? I mean, who am I kidding – we always feel like that – So, I mean like super fast? I feel like I blinked and it was Monday morning! I’ll be the first to raise my hand and admit that I’m dragging!

On Friday, K was home from Boston, so she stopped over for dinner, and then she, P and I hit up TCBY for the ever-necessary froyo! I had a hard time deciding between pumpkin and apple spice – so I didn’t I picked both and added some almond chocolate for fun! No pictures (sorry!)… but my cup MAY have runneth over. Oops.

Saturday I woke up early and Fiona and I headed over to watch my co-workers participate in the Autism 5K!

I’m not gonna lie – it was really hard to not being running. More than I even expected. Like actually physically hurt my heart and I may have gotten a little teary at one point. I KNOW it was the right decision to not race. It just didn’t feel like it was when I was watching everyone else run by. It felt awful.

But here’s something I DID learn: watching someone else achieve their goal – especially when it’s something that they didn’t think they could accomplish? THAT was freakin’ awesome. I saw many looks of pride as runners crossed that finish line. I saw other runners who were encouraging and motivating those less sure that they could get through a 5K. I saw one woman who finished the race with one runner, and then headed back to run to the finish with another runner! I saw my co-worker whose bottom line goal was to finish in no more than 45 minutes CRUSH that goal. I saw another co-worker be the second female to finish the race. I heard and saw so many affirmations of strength and heart, that it was amazing. And it did my poor stationary feet and hurting heart good.

It just reminded me again of some of the reasons that I love to run and be a part of a runner’s mentality.

We are truly a community – whether you’ve just started out, run/jog, run 5Ks, or train for marathons – we all support, encourage and motivate one another. We’ve certainly got strength AND heart – in terms of ourselves and others. I am proud and inspired when I read (and now watch) others run races and crush the goals that they’ve set for themselves.

I’m a fairly competitive person, but also non-confrontational (and also slightly uncoordinated!) When you’re a runner, the only person you really compete with is yourself — and the clock – unless you’re running a race, and then you compete with others. In my case, that’s usually to keep myself moving, but hey that’s fun too!!

So, as freaking hard as it was to be on the sidelines – watching and cheering on others – it was also a really good reminder to myself of the reasons I love to run and feel grateful to be a part of the running community.

I’ll be back out there soon J

I tried doing the jog/run on Sunday – it didn’t go horrible – I felt okay, and I’m not in a ton of hamstring/knee pain – but there is definitely still some twinges of pain around. I’m working really hard, both mentally and physically to not run and let myself heal. And in the process, I’ve had to rely on some other coping skills—which means a whole lot of cleaning and organizing has been going on at our house!!

Runners are a good bunch J I’m really glad that I am one

Other weekend highlights:

  • more work on our new-to-us bar (why do DIY projects take so long!),
  • attending a hot air balloon festival – minus the balloons … *whomp whomp* – it was way too windy to have the balloons out and launch – which in our opinion, made the festival kinda lame
  • dinner at a new restaurant – where we both tried “Vegetarian burritos” which included butternut squash – a good idea in theory, but both P and I were disappointed in the flavor
  • starting to clean/organize our office space (which has really become Fiona’s room)
  • Several good walks with Fiona –I’ve been continuing to use running as my cardio exercise, so my puppy companion benefits too!
  • Putting spices in my coffee grounds before brewing – so delicious! This weekend’s mix included cinnamon (always!), nutmeg, cloves, and a pinch of ginger. Just gives my coffee a hint of spicy and a whole lot of yummmmm!

I hope that your week is off to a great start – Happy Fall J I can go get my PSL now!

Answer me this: What was the best part of your weekend? Favorite seasonal food/drink of choice?

~ Brittany xo


7 responses to “My Monday Musings

  1. i always say take the rest while you can, no need to make anything worse. all together though sounds like a good weekend!

  2. That would drive me crazy too – not being able to run. I love the way you worked through it though and chose to look at the positive side.

    I love spices in coffee! PSL is totally my fave. Don’t tell Starbucks, but I am really digging Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin White Chocolate Latte these days (it’s so close to a PSL but cheaper!).

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