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The Dentist Ruined Taco Night … and Other Sad Stories

on September 19, 2013

On Tuesday, I had to go back to the dentist …*whomp, whomp*… you’ll remember that I went the week before, was hoping for no bad news … yeah, so much for that!

Okay. It wasn’t TERRIBLE news (to start), I had some cavities just starting to form, and the dentist wanted to take care of them ASAP,so I made the appointment for this week. Spent 2 days talking myself into just going and getting it over with and NOT rescheduling the appointment (I highly dislike the dentist!). The dentist was new to me, as the dentist that I’ve been going to since I was 7 recently picked up a new partner in his practice.

Enter the day of horror. Dentist was running late (no surprise or big deal there), but his dental assistant for the day … I could have done without her. Nonstop talker … about her failed marriage, new marriage, eating habits, jobs, personal life … and this all in about 15 minutes. I’m all for small talk, but holy crap! Dentist finally arrives … we talk about it being Taco Tuesday! And then he sticks me with Novocain to prep me for drilling – we are waiting for the numbing to start – and he and the dental assistant proceed to talk about BOTH of their failed marriages. Awesome (insert sarcasm here).


Now, imagine that movie scene that we’ve all seen before – patient tipped back in the chair, or the operating table – bright light in their face, people leaning over them, talking … (while some sort of internal monologue is occurring)… and the doctors/dentists are all talking in medical jargon … yeah, that’s what the dentist appointment felt like to me. Then the oh-so-lovely dentist starts to drill before I’m really numb (Do you know the country song, “some beach?”). Let’s just say my mantra went from “I can do hard things” to “I’m going to reach up and rip your face off!!!!”

“You’re going to feel some pressure” was my favorite line. No dude. I’m going to feel you drilling into my tooth, which hurts like hell.

Needless to say, it was NOT pleasant. And the first cavity ended up being much deeper than originally thought. It was bad, friends. Go ahead, you can cringe with me. I still am. I was ready to RUN out of there (I’ll stick with my usual, nice, friendly, non-horror movie dentist, thanks!)

You probably know where this is leading. Pain, not able to open my mouth = ruined taco night. I decided to use soft shells, couldn’t stuff mine full of the good stuff, and had to take teeny tiny bites. I’m actually STILL dealing with some discomfort!

Dude, you do NOT mess with taco night in my book.

Tacos = my favorite. Especially since we rediscovered this Crockpot Chicken Tacos recipe!! So stinkin’ easy, so delicious, and very little work involved. Don’t worry tacos, we will meet again next week – and this time, you’ll be enjoyed the correct way. With hard, yellow, crunchy shells!!

In other news, my knee/hamstring injury is back – or most likely, I never really let it heal the first time around. At this point, moving around, particularly up and down stairs/hills is particularly painful. Again, you know what’s coming.

No running. Full rest. Actually, no real cardio at all … or leg workouts. And most definitely no Autism 5K race on Saturday.

You can now imagine me performing a full out tantrum on my floor.

Okay, that acutally didn’t happen (this time). But I am so, so, so frustrated. I know I need to rest and let it heal – but ugggggggggggggg.

  • Full Rest = hard to do a good portion of my BBB workouts – I do all my workouts at home, so even the bike/elliptical machines are out.
  • Full Rest = no stress relieving, problem-solving , therapy running days
  • Full Rest = hard to work off the calories to drop weight
  • Full Rest = cranky Brittany who also feels like a fat hippo

Took Fiona on a 3 mile walk yesterday in an effort to get cardio in. Meh. I love walking with her, but it’s just not the same in terms of a good sweat session. Not even close.

Body, please heal quickly. I know the resting is important for healing, and I’m also icing my knee, hamstring every night, and trying to do a little stretching. I’m well aware that injuries happen and I messed up by not taking full rest to heal the first time this happened back in August. I’m just not in a good place without my exercise right now. I’m feeling overwhelmed/stressed about a good many things, and am having a hard time working through them at the moment, especially without my “therapy” time.

I’ve also just recently realized that My Saturdays are completely or partially booked for the next 5 weeks – and not by things that are necessarily my choice in some instances. So much for slowing down this season!! Typically I thrive off of being busy … but at the moment, I just feel *whoa*!

Ok, end of pity party! Time to but on my big girl panties and just get over it J

I hope you all are heading into the end of the week with some happy things – the weekend is at least on the horizon!! Let’s get to it!

Answer me this: Ever had an injury that’s sidelined you for awhile? How did you deal?

                                  Any dentist horror stories?

Tell me something that’s making you happy! I need warm fuzzies this AM J

~ Brittany xo


2 responses to “The Dentist Ruined Taco Night … and Other Sad Stories

  1. I’ve had a back injury for a year all because I overworked myself. And I will prob deal with it for the rest of my life! I feel the same way you do when I don’t work out. But trust me, just rest before you permanently hurt yourself like I did!

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