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The weekend post … that ended up being all about food

on September 16, 2013

Oh Monday… I so wasn’t ready for you this morning!! Can’t say that I love the fact that its pitch black when I wake up – my body firmly believes that if it’s dark, then it’s time to sleep!

I had every intention of getting up early to get my BBB workout in – my usual workout time (after work) is already been spoken for, since I have to attend a Board meeting this evening! So I was bound and determined to get a head start and start my Monday off right! Sounds good, right? That was before I spent half the night with my right knee/hamstring/shin throbbing every time I made a move… I spent half the night thinking “I probably should just take a rest day.” (I don’t know what’s going on with this knee/leg pain, but I’ve been struggling with it for about a month. Every time I think I’m okay, it comes back!!) Once I made the decision to take a rest day, I spent the rest of the night talking myself out of believing that I was a slacker for not getting my workout in. No WONDER I’m so tired.

Fiona takes her treadmill time very seriously.

I’ll spare you the “rest days are important” blog post today. I know they are. The main thing that was driving me last night/this morning was the fact that it was weigh-in day for Biggest Loser at work. Regardless, I’m struggling to walk about, particularly up and down stairs, so I know that I made the right decision!

Moving on. Another nice little weekend around here! Saturday we started off the day with breakfast ….

Mine isn’t all that pretty. But sure was tasty!

I told you I was going to try out Courtney’s baked oatmeal recipe!! P was extremely skeptical at first, but ended up loving it 😉 We substituted chunky cinnamon applesauce for the unsweetened applesauce (cuz that’s what we had in the house!), and used craisins instead of raisins. So, so, so yummy!! We are thinking of making a bigger batch for during the week for breakfast – it would be a nice change from smoothies as the weather starts to change J On Sunday, I actually had another piece, and tried half topped with more applesauce and the other half topped with almond butter, along with a splash of almond milk. Both were delicious!! Definitely worth a try!

Once we got done with breakfast and being lazy for a little while, we did a little more work on our new bar before we had to get cleaned up to head out of the house. Our first stop was P’s older nephew’s soccer game – It’s always fun to watch him play, but holy cow was it cold…. For whatever reason the wind was going right through me, and I was shivering. I hate being cold. Already not a fan of the colder weather. UG. Once the game was over, I was ready to eat my shoe, I was so hungry, and had a strange craving for meatballs. So we tried out a place nearby, and were so glad that we did!!! My meatball sub was AMAZING. Now that I am typing about it, I want another one!! My salad pales in comparison at the moment.

Get in my belly

After lunch, we headed out to go apple picking so that I could get my honeycrisps! Interestingly enough, the trees were kinda bare and we had to search to find some good apples! We also tried out a variety called an Autumn crisp which was supper delicious as well!! We also, of course, got our apple cider donuts. All in all, fun as always, and now we have a TON of apples!

Saturday night was spent out with another couple, we tried out a fairly new local place called Charles Lucas Confectionary & Wine bar – it serves wine & kraft beer, cheese and meats, (there’s also a vegan menu), and different kinds of sugary confections (truffles, brownies, cupcakes) and candy– um, how could you go wrong? We enjoyed some wine and a picked out a variety of cheeses to try out together – they were awesome. By the way, blue cheese and dark chocolate – sounds weird, but YUM! Totally good sweet and salty combo! I’m not really sure how we missed out on all the sweets – but I didn’t see them on the menu, and I think you had to be closer to the bar area to see some of them– the candy is all displayed in old fashioned glass jars. There was a large one near us that was filled with candy corn…. Definitely a place that we’ll be back to – we had a ton of fun, and I think it’s such a fun spot for a date night!! (bad blogger alert – no pictures again!) Plus, they have a “yappy hour” on Sundays and can bring your dog. Um, yes!

Sunday was spent doing lots of housework after P came back from soccer and I got a workout in – we did some more work on our bar (I perfected my spray painting technique!), and then did the usual grocery shopping, ironing, cleaning rigamarole! We ended the night with having P’s parents over for a baked ziti dinner. Good end to the day!

My artistic shot of spray paint

So, here we are at the beginning of the week – I hope yours is off to a great start! Now that my coffee is finally starting to kick in, I’m starting to feel less “fuzzy” in my brain! Here’s hoping that I’ll be able to “seize the day” really soon!!

Answer me this: What’s your favorite sweet treat? Do you enjoy DIY projects? Any thoughts on my knee/hamstring injury? 

~ Brittany xo


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  1. Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing from Hey Cupcake

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