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Weekend Stuff

on September 10, 2013

Does anyone else agree with me that Tuesday might be the hardest day of the week sometimes? Not quite there to hump day … still 4 work days … and in my case, this AM, still tired! Plus, the raging thunderstorm outside my office window is just making me want to head back to bed!

Anyway, nice little weekend around these parts – little bit of relaxing, little bit of house/yard “stuff”! On Saturday P did some of the never-ending yard work, and I began working on sprucing up our “new” wine rack/cart J We also purchased some supplies for this project a little later on in the day, and I am super excited to finish this up and show you the end result!

We had an early-ish dinner out (Mexican, of course) and then ran random errands around town (such party animals!!) One of the main “quests” of the night was tracking down these:

So, so, so good!!! Totally worth all the schlepping around! It, sadly, comes in a variety pack. I’d rather just have an entire case of them! If you are a hard cider fan, I definitely recommend that you give these a try! (and if you find them not in the variety pack, please send me some!!)

Sunday I spent some time starting to “fall-ize” our décor … still have some other items to find in storage, but I’m loving the changes so far ( I guess I’m ready for fall, finally had my first PSL craving this weekend!)

We also whipped up our first ever tomato sauce from the tomatoes in our garden! We had so many that we figured we’d put them to good use! The final result was delicious J Recipe is coming!!

And we started our own coffee bar 😉 We’ve switched to plain almond creamer and can add one of these to spice up our coffee! (Thank you Target for the 2 for $7 that I “couldn’t” pass up!) I haven’t decided which one is my favorite yet, but I think pumpkin spice is winning at the moment!

Keeping with the pumpkin theme, I picked up these yesterday, to put in our (of course) pumpkin candy dish on the front table in our entryway

I would describe them as …. Interesting? I highly disliked the first one I ate, but they started to grow on me. Not sure I really like the pumpkin spice flavor coupled with the M&M – P definitely did NOT like them! Perhaps we just like our M&M’s more traditional?

Today’s agenda is work, then dentist, then home for BBB day 2 … I highly dislike the dentist … it’s just my 6 month cleaning, but all the vibrating and whatnot always gives me a headache!! Plus, it’s just not pleasant having your teeth/gums poked into, and I always want to punch the hygienist at one point or another … so, I’ll be happy when that’s over and done with!!! Let’s hope it’s all good news – I’ve been experiencing a while lot of TMJ on the right side of my jaw, so I’m even more anxious than usual!

Answer me this: What are you most looking forward to eating/drinking during fall? How do you feel about the dentist?

    ~ Brittany XO


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