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Back to School

on September 4, 2013

Happy Hummmmmp day! It’s back to school day for me today – yesterday was professional development (aka “run around like crazy people and get things ready day), but today the kids are back! And for some, today is the very first day of school EVER (p.s. preschool parents who are dropping off their babies for the first time = adorable).

I have to say that I’m feeling like I’m back in the swing of things already … part of me feels like I never went on vacation, while the other part of me feels like the pre-oiled tin main from the Wizard of Oz (and apparently, so does my work computer, since it’s given me nothing but grief this AM)!

I’ll admit that I LOVE back to school time – the feeling of a fresh start, the rows and rows of new school supplies in the stores (and I always feel like I HAVE to buy new notebooks, markers, and folders!), the anticipation of a new school year, Fall, new lunchboxes, backpacks, and shoes J I love it all (hence our trip to the outlets on Monday because I, too, needed new school clothes! Although, I just bought shoes. Again. ) It’s all so darn exciting! A little part of me wished I was the student getting on the bus (ok, I really hated the bus) and headed off to a new year, instead of the school psychologist!!

It’s really hard to wish farewell to summer – and if I’m being honest, I’m really not all that ready. I love warm sun, flipflops, grilling, and longer days. I feel like summer wasn’t here for very long, especially due to all the crappy, crazy weather! But, there are some things I am looking forward to…

  • Getting back on a schedule – my body certainly prefers this, and while I’m on vacation, my exercise and eating schedule is not all that consistent! Lots of random snacks rather than meals and I kinda fell off the bandwagon with any heavy duty exercise last week. I’m looking forward to meals being consistent again, eating smarter, and getting back on my workout schedule (only 5 more days until BBB!!!)
  • All things Fall – I’ll admit that I already had pumpkin waffles while in CC last week, and added a shot of pumpkin spice syrup to my coffee this AM 😀 I love the cozy weather, apples, cinnamon, pumpkin, hearty soups, fall candles, and sweatshirts. Now, if we could just skip winter …

  • Fall Races – I won’t have to worry so much about the humidity and heat … although I will have to figure out proper racing attire – haven’t had to do that in a LONG time!!
  • The new school year – I have some new students on my caseload and am hoping to make some changes to the way I do my job (we’ll see how that pans out!)
  • Slowing down – I feel like summer is so short that I rush around trying to fit a ton of things in. But as the weather turns cooler, it’s easier to slow down a little bit, focus more on quality rather than quantity, and just feel less rushed … I’m hoping to tackle some projects around the house!
  • My TV shows returning! ‘Nuff said.

Things I’m not looking forward to? Raking leaves, dark mornings, snow, psychological reports, being cold, or work stress! But hey, I guess I have to take the bad with the good, right? And right now, I am okay with that. Right now, I am full of anticipation of the upcoming school year and a new season. A fresh start for being the best that I can be and being grateful for all that I have. There’s so much learning to do!

If you are back to school today, or if you’re a parent sending your precious children off to school – Good Luck! It’s going to be a great day, and I promise that it’s going to be okay. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!! No worries, you got this! I distinctly remember my first day of kindergarten – my plaid shirt, suspenders, and plastic beads (haha – love the 80’s!), how nervous I was, the old school video camera that dad used to tape the big day, waving goodbye from the bus – it was scary, but it was also the beginning of something awesome … and I loved school so much that I never left!

Side bar: P’s birthday was amaaaazing J Dinner was AWESOME. I had a brown rice “risotto” that had mushrooms, sweet peas, and asiago cheese. So delicious. P had some beef ribs that included this amazing peach ketchup! I have a feeling he’ll be trying to recreate that baby at home! However, the star of the day, food-wise, was P’s birthday cake. I made a sweet and salty cake, which was certainly a labor of love, but it turned out so, so good! I’ve been craving it every day! I’m working on getting the recipe up for you, but here’s a little sneak peek!

Happy Wednesday – halfway thru the week already, and then we can cruise down towards the weekend. I, personally, think that we should always have 3 day weekends, by the way. Makes for the perfect mix of productivity and relaxing 😉

Answer me this: Are you back to school? What are you most looking forward to in fall? NOT looking forward to? What’s the best cake you’ve ever had?


~ Brittany


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