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S’mores and Mountain Climbing

on August 26, 2013

Happy Monday! (I can totally say that today since I’m still on vacation this week! It’s okay, you can be jealous. It’s dreary/rainy today if that helps!) It’s been a busy weekend around these parts – we spent the last couple of days checking off some of the things on our summer bucket list – we’re trying to accomplish as many as possible before we run out of time!

On Friday, Fiona and I took a little trip to visit daddy at work 🙂 She always has a good time running around the office like she owns the place!

She’s just so darn photogenic!

And then later that night, we lit our fire pit for the first time this summer (that’s a sad story)… guess we’ll have to catch up on that!

and P surprised me by bringing home all the makings for s’more night! You probably saw this picture if you follow me on instagram! (and duh, you should!) I had this epic idea of trying out smores with PB cups instead of plain chocolate…

and they were OMG delicious. I may never be able to go back to a “plain” s’more again! Now I want to try all sorts of fun combinations! I mean really, what wouldn’t be good between graham crackers and toasted marshmallow?? Bottom line: if you’re a PB lover like me, try this!

Saturday dawned, and it was a beautiful, perfect summer day – we had already decided to go hiking, and after being lazy for part of the morning, we packed up our gear/food, harnessed the dog and jumped in the car. We were headed to the Adirondacks, and had decided to hike up Crane Mountain. It had 2 options for the trail and I had told P that I wanted something that would be somewhat challenging, so that I was getting a good workout in – HA! I might have ended up regretting that statement, later on (you’ll see in a second!). After being the car forEVER (after several wrong turns, and an interesting drive up a winding, very rocky, dirt road), we finally found the trail head! It was not an easy place to find!

After about 5 minutes of walking, this is what we saw…

See? Eating my words!

The trail is described as “very steep” and “very rocky” … um, they weren’t kidding. There’s one trail that goes to the summit, and the other goes around the lake. We, of course, decide to take the difficult trail…. Cuz you know, we’re bad ass. Very steep and very rocky pretty much describes the trail. It was all rock climbing, all up hill, (well duh, it’s a mountain) – best leg workout EVER. The dog was in heaven, since she thinks that she is part mountain goat! She would rather hike and climb mountains any day!

Mountain dog

Needless to say, it was some pretty tough terrain and a pretty arduous climb! But it was a TON of fun. Sadly, we got almost to the top, but did not make it to the summit 😦 I was really bummed, but to get to the top, we had to get up this:

Oh hello giant ladder

Normally no big deal, unless you have a 50lb dog with you. We figured out how we could get her up, using the rocks, but we had no idea how we were going to get her down. We were able to get her up a smaller ladder with no problem, but this one was huge and straight up. So, we decided to turn around, and start climbing back down. We hit a fork in the road a little later, and decided to check out the pond. We were STARVING at this point, and ate our dinner overlooking the pond! A little subway, black olive and feta rice crisps, and brownies for fuel!

(not our picture)

And we tried to snap a picture of the three of us …

We then headed back to the fork and headed down the mountain. By that time we were tired (ok, Fiona wasn’t!), and it seemed like the trail went on for years. It was also all downhill and climbing down all those rocks was NOT easy. I said numerous times that I’d rather climb up three more times rather than climb down! All in all, we were hiking for about 3.5 hours – it was a great workout and a really fun time – we plan to go back without Fiona so that we can climb to the top, or see if we can go the pound route and get to the top. And regardless, we did see some pretty great views along the way!

A fun weekend with my little family (and we’re not even sore this AM – SCORE! Although, Fiona is still snoozing on the couch!) And we were able to cross 4 activities off of the summer bucket list! 🙂 Not too shabby!

I hope that your week is off to a great start – tomorrow we are on the road again and are headed to Cape Cod for a couple of days – this time for pleasure, and I am looking forward to some beach time before the school year starts – nothing like a book in my hand and my toes in the sand

Answer me this: Do you like to hike? Where is your favorite place to go? Favorite s’more combination?

~ Brittany


4 responses to “S’mores and Mountain Climbing

  1. I prefer my smores made with caramilk chocolate….it is so heavenly!!!

  2. olivetorun says:

    Hiking is one of our favorite past times… NC mountains is where it’s at! 🙂

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