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Pretty Toes, the Cartwheel, and Tomatoes

on August 23, 2013

GOOOOOD Morning friends!! How goes it? Been a nice little morning over here thus far – I actually just finished going through some of bins of clothing that I have sitting around – So far, I have an entire garbage bag of clothes to giveaway! How on earth do I accumulate so much clothing? I had an entire stack of pants that I had to try on! But now I have room for new things – hehe!!

So yesterday, I had a Mom date! Even though we live no more than 5 minutes away from one another, we don’t get to spend lots of time together! So, Mom came over and hung out for a little while at the house and then we went to get our toes done! I love me some pretty piggies! I tried to pick out a different, more fall color – it’s purple (called it’s always ocktoberfest), but it’s really dark and looks kinda black in some light! Oh well – it’s not forever (I KNEW I shoulda gone orange like Mom!)

Afterwards, we hit up Panera for lunch and then went shopping at Target! Can never go wrong with either of these activities!

Speaking of Target, have you heard about the new Cartwheel App? I just used it for the first time yesterday! You can load coupons/deals onto your phone, and then the cashier scans the barcodes at the register! You can search for whatever you’re shopping for (or NOT shopping for!), and see if there’s any deals for those items! It’s amazing. And just another reason to drop money at Target and come out with 50 more items than you went in for 😉 Seriously, try it out.


I was hopeful to have a new recipe to share with you – we had portabella mushroom cheese”steak” sandwiches last night for dinner – they were good, but not great – they definitely needed something, as the filling was a little bland. Hopefully take 2 will be a winner. However, our side of sweet potato wedges is always a hit in this house!!

I pretty much follow this recipe from Tina @ Carrots N Cake! Check out her post for the original recipe and for how to slice up the potatoes! That was the hardest part for me, but now I’m a pro. I’ve been playing around with different spice combinations (Tina just uses sea salt and pepper). The last 2 batches I’ve added cinnamon to, and last night I also added some chili powder. YUM! Good thing I always more enough to have leftovers 😀

Speaking of leftovers, check out the newest goods from our garden!

The tomato plant is out of control – so much for the “dwarf” plant that we bought – and the green beans are coming along – we have a whole ton of buds! Sadly, the broccoli seems to have come to a standstill – lots of leaves, but noooo broccoli! I’m still hopeful though! The tomatoes are kinda funny though, since I’m not a real fan of tomatoes – at least raw ones. I figured we could use them to make salsa and our own pasta sauce though!

Not sure what’s on the agenda today – other than finishing up with going through some clothes, some sort of workout, and birthday shopping for P – actually, that sounds like a pretty full day! I hope that you are all have a fantastic Friday! Cheers to the weekend!

Answer me this: Do you have a Target addiction like I do? Do you like tomatoes? Have any good recipes for tomatoes? Let me know if you try out the sweet potato wedges!!

~ Brittany


2 responses to “Pretty Toes, the Cartwheel, and Tomatoes

  1. I have been making slow roasted tomatoes where you put the tomatoes in a low heat oven for 2 hours and they end up so sweet and great for salads 🙂

    I’ll have to try those sweet potato wedges they sound yum.

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