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on August 21, 2013

Ahhhh … vacation J No, I did not disappear off the face of the planet, I swear. I’ve just been enjoying my time off – I can’t even believe that it’s Wednesday already (what day is it?) – the summer has seriously flown by, and I’ve already noticed some leaves that are starting to change. As much as I like fall, I’m just not ready yet! There’s a whole bunch of things left on my summer bucket list still!

The weekend was pretty low key around here for the most part, as soon as P started to recover from his shoulder injury, he managed to get stuck with a pretty nasty summer cold! We did make it to a local fair on Sunday, before he went stir crazy though …. It wasn’t as big or as packed as I remember it being, but we still had a ton of fun, and in true fair fashion, I sucked him into winning me a prize. 😀 (because, I definitely need one more stuffed animal around here). Friday was a bit of a hard day, as K packed up the rest of her stuff and has now moved to Boston – it was really hard to say good-bye and it’s really strange/sad to not have my partner in crime around L

Monday was spent just doing some housework stuff for me that didn’t get done over the weekend. Fun, right?

Yesterday Dad, Craig, and I headed down to the city to Yankee Stadium! I’ve been visiting there (well the old stadium) since I was about 6, since we (ok, Dad) is a die-hard Yankee fan! We used to go all the time in the summer, until the new stadium was built and ticket prices became outrageous! Nevertheless, we had a GREAT time!

The drive down was easy, and we actually arrived much sooner than expected, so we walked around the stores a little bit before heading to our seats. Dad had packed us lunch (#love), so we ate and talked while watching the grounds crew get the field ready! The sight of Yankee stadium will never get old for me.

Had to have these! You know! Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks….


It was actually a great ball game with lots of action – which was nice. Plus, it wasn’t all that packed since it was a rain make-up game and it was a Tuesday afternoon. No one was sitting in front of me, and we had great seats, which meant that I could actually see everything! (and when I wasn’t paying attention to the game, I had fun “annoying” my brother who was sitting next to me). Sadly, Derek Jeter, my future husband, was nowhere to be found, since he is still on the DL. However, we did get to see Mariano Rivera pitch, which was awesome (for all of you non-baseball fans, he’s an incredible closing pitcher who is retiring at the end of the year, so this was probably my last chance to actually see him).

All in all, a wonderful, memorable afternoon with two of my favorite boys! Can’t beat that!

Today is more of a relaxing day for me, I think. I vowed to let myself do whatever I wanted today, for the most part. No obligations, no set plans, just kinda hanging out. I do plan to get a run in – I haven’t run very much since my last race (2 weeks ago), twice I think. And both runs have not gone well. I am trying to decide if I want to sign-up for a race that is happening on Saturday. I mostly want to run it because it’s a trail run, which just sounds fun, and like cross-country races! But, my shins have really been bothering me, and I’m still having a fair amount of pain behind my knee – even after just walking the dog. As much as I want to race, I certainly do not want to cause a bigger issue by doing so!

So, no big plans at the moment, and right now, I’m kinda loving that! Who couldn’t use some time to recharge their batteries? Some book reading, sun loving, birthday present buying, yogurt-eating, napping sounds perfect to me J

Answer me this: what’s on your agenda today? Favorite way to re-charge and relax? Did you miss me?

~ Brittany


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