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Thoughts About Change and Right NOW

on August 14, 2013

Today I am reminded how fleeting life is.

This day, this moment that we’re in – it’s not going to happen the  exact same away again. You could blink your eyes and everything could suddenly be different. We honestly don’t know what may happen minute to minute. That may be a beautiful thing or it may be terrifying.

In the last few days I’ve heard and read of some people’s lives who have or are drastically changing. divorce, death, job changes,  marriage, moving — all very big changes — and most, life-changing. There’s also a whole ton of little changes every day.

I know that change is inevitable and the ONLY thing about life is predictable (In fact, this post was supposed to be about a pizza recipe! But I’m writing what’s on my heart instead). I, like most perfectionistic, Type A (+!) personalities HATE change, but that doesn’t stop it from happening. Change can be expected or unexpected, wonderful, or completely crappy. We still have to deal with it.

There’s a whole lot of ways to cope with change. Some involves careful planning, some involve healing,  some involve prayer or asking for help, some involve time, and some involve relaxation, therapy, or just plain ugly crying. It can all work. Shying away from change and pushing it under the carpet? Not so successful. It’s still happening.

I think one of the best ways to “prepare” for change (if that’s even possible), is to be PRESENT and enjoy the moment you’re in — to savor and experience your current stage of life, to not be in such a hurry to get to the “next thing.”

I’m really, really, bad at this. I’m always searching for the next “to do” or thinking about where I “should be” in life. I’m also really horrible at dealing with change. You want to see a cranky, crazy person — then mess with  my carefully constructed schedule! It’s not pretty. And perhaps one of the reasons for that is because I have a really difficult time enjoying the journey, because I’m already ready for the next stop off.  I may function best when I have lists and a schedule and am aware of expectations, but I also have to know how to deal with change — cause it’s going to continue to happen.

Change brings with it the unknown. Which is honestly, down right scary. I mean really  – who wants to walk into a pitch black room and have no idea what’s going to happen the moment you flip on the light? Am I going to have to run for my life? Climb a mountain? Are my friends going to yell out surprise? Will I be standing in a room full of money? Talk about anxiety-provoking!

For instance, one of the events that inspired this very post, is that a friend of mine – a man who sits on the Board of Directors with me for an organization, and who is  also an individual with Down syndrome, just lost his mother suddenly. Talk about change. Not only is my heart broken for him , and wonder what I can do to help him– but it also causes all sorts of crazy thoughts inside my head — I have a brother with Down syndrome – and I am his guardian, along with my older brother, after both of my parents pass away. HOLY CRAP — SCARY. But really, am I going to let that fear/worry consume me today? I certainly hope not.

I will probably never embrace the concept of change. Heck, even “good change” can take a lot of work, and is still stressful. I’ve been teaching about this very idea all week, since many of my students are moving on to a new classroom or school in the fall (which is kinda ironic, since I’m so bad at change!). They are excited, but they are also nervous and stressed.

My point is this: Change is going to happen. I can’t control that. But I can also curb the “what-ifs”, stop looking towards the next stop in my journey, and just enjoy what’s happening right now. Because tomorrow is going to be different. I may not be facing any life-changing moments right NOW – but who knows when that will change. Instead, how about I just embrace right now, and be present. I can still prepare for change and be “ready” for the future (haha) without forgetting about NOW. NOW is important too.

You know, cuz like Aerosmith says, “I don’t want to miss a thing.”

Answer me this: How do you feel about change? How do you deal? What’s your advice for living in the now?

~ Brittany xo


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