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Weekend Roundup

on August 13, 2013

Today is certainly a day for the ducks – pouring rain/scattered storms all day long. It actually felt like I was driving through a tsunami on the way to work!! It also didn’t help that P and I slept through our alarms this morning and I finally woke up about an hour late … AHHH! Not a great way to start off the day (and apparently I could have skipped the whole drying my hair thing). Oh well, only clocked in 2 minutes late – so it all worked out okay!

So, the weekend was a total whirlwind – although a totally beautiful one! Started with my 5K race on Friday – and thankfully, there was no rain in sight! (thank you Mother Nature!!!) it was actually a really nice night for running – albeit a little humid. I went into the race hoping for a PR and a sub30 5K, but at the same time, not exactly feeling the whole running thing. I was exhausted after a long week of work, and kinda just wanted to be at home on the couch. But off I went, P and Fiona in tow, and met my team in Central Park. My Dad showed up a few minutes later to cheer me on too! We were about 45 min early, and it felt like a looooong time to stand around. We did have a team picture taken, and Tigger jumped in to it J

Ok not the best photo – but you get the idea!

The race was scheduled to start at 6:30 and a few minutes beforehand we jumped into line … somehow I started off near the front … which never happens – the race was fairly small – only about 250-300 people, which was a nice change, actually (even if I did have a few minutes of panic that I’d be last!)! About 200 feet into the race we were faced with a fairly long hill (not necessarily really steep, but it just felt like it went on foreverrrrrr). The hill totally surprised me and it really winded me more than I expected! I felt like I spent the first 2 miles recovering from the climb and my fast pace – I actually ran my first mile in 8:50! That’s about a minute faster than usual! So while I was really happy and excited about that, it definitely caused some problems later on – typically I try to run negative splits rather than take off fast!

At about 1.5 miles I was faced with yet another hill (shoot me!), but a little after the 2 mile marker, I saw P and Fiona hanging out on the park’s outdoor stage. I was so, so happy to see their beautiful faces 😀 It really kept me going, especially when I had to run that friggin’ long hill AGAIN! (seriously, who’s idea was THAT?). I looked down at my watch after I finally made it up the hill and was back on flat ground again, and realized my Garmin said I was at 2.6 miles. At that point I thought that either the race was longer than 3.1 miles or the finish was never coming (but my garmin assured me that it was 3.1miles). But I kept chugging along – I can’t even remember what I was thinking about the whole race!

I don’t typically run with a kissy face – I was blowing my family kisses 😀

As I came around the last bend, I realized that I was well under the mark for 30 minutes, as long as I kept up my pace and had some kick at the end… I was heading in to the finish when P and Fiona’s faces popped up again and that was just what I needed to finish strong 😀 And apparently Fiona really wanted to run that last stretch with me.. silly puppy!! I crossed the finish line at 29:41 (with an average mile time of 9:37)and I was PUMPED!!! It was definitely a tough race, and I didn’t know if I could actually run under 30 minutes .. but I totally did it!! And I was so, so, SO proud of myself 😀 … I’ve come a long way since May! Just about anything really is possible!!! (next up – sub-29 5K!) The night finished off with a late dinner of pizza and then crashing.

PS – my new Koss fitclips worked amazing! They didn’t move a bit or fall out one time! I’m so glad that I bought them! More info once I’ve worn them more than once, promise.

Saturday was spent recovering a little –as I felt like I had tweaked my hamstring – but I think that my muscles were really tight and were hurting after climbing 3 hills!! After French toast and coffee (I am so, so lucky that P loves to cook!!!) – we headed out to check out some estate sales! P and I discovered estate sales about 2 years ago when we randomly found one as we were driving around in VT, and we discovered that they are a lot of fun – and you can score some good finds! (although, we both also admit that it’s a little creepy and a lot sad, to be walking through someone’s house and go through their things after they have passed). We hit up about 4 or 5 on Saturday, and did come home with some new items. I found a cute snowman for our winter décor that I couldn’t pass up (I have a slight obsession with snowmen). Our last stop of the day was definitely the best stop of the day – the people were hysterical, and it was also the last hour of a 2 day sale, so they just wanted to get rid of it all! We came home with a cool blue bottle that was in an “S” shape for our bookshelves, since we have bunch of blue bottles on them. We also scored this jar:

And these super cool crates:

Not exactly sure where they are all going to go yet. The original plan was to put them above our washer and dryer on the shelves, but I kind of like them stacked like that too. Hmmm…

Saturday night we went to a local Italian festival, which was PACKED. And let me tell you – the choices of clothing that people choose to wear is seriously crazy? Ridiculous? If I had been dressed like some of the teenagers I saw, I think I might have still been grounded. I really should have taken pictures of the ridiculous outfits!! Sunday was spent doing the usual cleaning, grocery shopping, food prep, yard work, and we ended the evening at P’s brother and SIL house for a family dinner before P’s parents take off for a 3 week trip to England. It was a great evening and a nice way to end the weekend – even if I was ironing clothes at 9:00 😀 Sadly I did not get my s’more for National S’more Day on Saturday (I’m still grieving), but I’ll get it eventually (even if I make it in the microwave!!).

The other thing that didn’t happen was froyo – which has become a tradition after my races – so that happened last night! That makes for a happy Brittany! We actually tried the new “Silk” chocolate almond froyo, the first nondairy froyo at TCBY, and it was delicious! I thought that it was better than the regular chocolate – I had a mix of that and peanut butter froyo. YUM. It was kinda melted when we got home though, hence the froyo soup pic:

So, here we are at Tuesday already – 4 days and counting until the end of summer school!! And I have to say I am uber excited about our dinner plans for tonight – pear, prosciutto, goat cheese and balsamic glaze grilled pizza!! I’ll have to let you know how it turns out 😉

Answer me this: favorite running accessory? Favorite thing to eat for dinner? What did you do over the weekend?

~ Brittany


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  1. Yeah – congrats on your PR and sub 30…a sub 29 is what I am chasing right now too!

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