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Friday Things

on August 9, 2013

YAY IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with it comes a bunch of random thoughts for you

  1. First and foremost, the winner of the Simone France giveaway is………. (you’d better be drumrolling!)

Noelle!!! Congratulations!!! Please email me at so that I can hook you up with my girl Penny – also, you’ll want to head on over to Simone France and take their “What’s your skin type” survey 😀

  1. These came in the mail yesterday:

    And I am super, super excited to use them today in my race. I’ve head tons of good things about them in the blog world, and I am super tired of my headphones falling out of my ears every 10 seconds!! I wore them yesterday (while I washing dishes), and they seemed really comfy. Time will tell about staying in my ears!

  2. Speaking of my race – forecast currently calls for 60% chance of thunderstorms (which is down from this AM, when it said 90%!) – yeah – not real excited about that … we are running through a local park – and that could get really messy, I’m thinking. I don’t mind running in the rain – but I’m not really thrilled about running through torrential downpour and/or lightening! I hope my shoes can go in the dryer!! PS – I’m going to admit this out loud this time around – I’m shooting for a sub-30 5K – we’ll see what the weather does to my time! I’m also not feeling great, so that could be interesting too.
  3. Yesterday, Fiona got to go to daycare. She looooves it there – and since my mom has been out of town the majority of this week, we thought we would give her a treat and let her have some time to play with other doggies. She comes home dirty – and exhausted!! Check out her photo from last night – see her tongue?

  4. This weekend is supposed to be beautifullllllllll!! P and I have talked about a million different things we’d like to do –but haven’t settled on any one thing. Well except yardwork, I guess. That’s almost a given when you own a house, I suppose.
  5. Last night, my sleep sucked. I had dreams all night about my mother dying. It was AWFUL. Not sure where that came from, but wow – talk about a crappy start to the day!
  6. I hope that you all have some super exciting and/or super relaxing plans for the weekend!! I only have 1 week left of summer school – that’s hard to believe!

    Let’s hope that I don’t drown at my race!!! Happy weekends, friends!

    ~ Brittany


2 responses to “Friday Things

  1. OMG! I am so excited, I never win anything! haha! Just sent an email your way, thank you! 🙂

  2. Your dog is too cute with her tongue out 🙂

    I hate not sleeping well!

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