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There’s Always Room for Improvement

on July 30, 2013

Nice little weekend up in these parts J Friday game night was a BLAST. If you’ve never played Cards Against Humanity, do yourself a favor, and DO IT! Just be forewarned that it’s VERY politically incorrect – but you will laugh your ass off. Saturday was spent up at Saratoga Racetrack – which is always a summer must around these parts – and on our Summer Bucket List (check!) – Sometimes I can take it for granted that it’s only 45 min away and has always been part of my summer tradition. Sadly, I won $0 – but I did break even. I’ll take it!


Saturday night ended with dinner out with P, which included homemade pasta … and then we brought this amazing thing home to share. Yes, it was as big as it looks.

Sunday was spent with the usual household chores, food prep, and getting ready for the week. P had to spend a couple of hours at the Laundromat – our washer has a part that needs to be replaced and it can’t be fixed until tomorrow – it’s been almost a whole week without my washer. Seriously, what did people do before that was invented?? Let’s hope that mine is back in commission after an easy (although $$$!) fix!


This morning I spent about 30 minutes (ok, more like over an hour, but that’s mostly due to internet issues #firstworldproblems) taking a personal health survey on my health insurance’s website – my job has recently changed plans, and I can now earn points for various healthy decisions/activities that I do – which translate into gift cards that I can use!! Free money? Great! I’ll take it!! The first step to get the process rolling is to take this health assessment.

It asks the usual questions about your lifestyle, eating and exercise habits, work, stress, and clinical values of various things (think cholesterol, BP, triglycerides) – most of those I didn’t know. Yikes. Anyway, at the end of the health assessment, they give you a “score” and also point out areas that you could improve upon. Here’s what I learned:

There is always more you can do.

I like to think I’m a pretty health-conscious person. I read nutrition labels. I try to eat as “cleanly” as possible. Recently, we’ve switched to using coconut creamer after reading several articles that pointed out how not-so-good regular creamers are. I exercise about 5 days a week. Don’t smoke, drink mostly socially. Try to be aware of eating my fruits & veggies and try to keep the tasty less-healthy options as occasional treats (pay no attention to the picture of the giant cupcake up there!). I’m conscious of my water intake, and also try to balance emotional health with all those things (emphasis on try!).

All healthy choices, right?

I can still do more. There’s ALWAYS room for improvement.

For instance – I’m not eating the recommended fruit & veggie servings daily – despite having smoothies every morning and eating fruit and veggies for lunch, and veggies for dinner most days – I’m still not hitting the 5 servings of both on a daily basis. I’m also not eating the recommended intake of whole grains every day. In terms of fitness, my job is pretty sedentary most of the time. I do exercise for at least an hour a day, but I could still be getting more movement throughout my day. And as always, I’m still struggling to get the extra lbs off – despite the exercise and fairly healthy eating, they just don’t budge L(I’m pretty sure I need to cut calories – just not sure where to take them from at this point!!)

So – I made some mini-goals for myself based on this little health assessment:

  • Increase produce intake : be more aware of making sure to include an extra veggie or fruit at dinner 3 nights a week
  • Be aware of whole grain intake: I’m not really getting any of this unless we have rice for dinner, since I don’t really eat bread or pasta on a regular basis. Try to include this 1 more time per week.
  • Move throughout the day – take exercise breaks every 1 to 2 hours – just get up and take a short walk or do some quick squats in my office
  • Track my calories. This one is hard for me to do. I find it tedious and annoying and laborious – but it needs to be done. I plan to do this for a small amount of time, as it can quickly overtake my life.
  • Re-start my gratitude app daily (the reminder goes off every day and I just don’t do it. #fail)

Homegrown lettuce is part of my salad today!! J

While I think it’s important to be happy with who you are and be proud of all your accomplishments, I also think it’s important to realize that there’s always room for improvement in our lives. No one is perfect for sure, and no one should strive for that (another post for another day!) – but we ALL have things that we can do better, or do differently – whether that’s in regards to eating, exercise, work, relationships, or self-care. I think the important part is to A: figure out where you can make improvement, B: set some goals, and C: start small. Work on one goal and then build on your success. Seeing improvements and progress is the best reinforcement there is. I like to track when I’ve met my goal (like I do in BBBC),so that I can see my progress, and then D: celebrate the changes you are making.

Change is far from easy… I HATE it. Run from it kicking and screaming and then hide from it. But it a necessary evil, and it’s necessary for me to become the best me. (well, as long as I’m not changing to the froyo & giant cupcake diet!)

I challenge YOU today – what’s one goal you can tackle this week to create a better you?

Answer me this: Tell me your goal!! How’s your fruit, veggie, and whole grain intake? Do you track your calories?


~ Brittany


5 responses to “There’s Always Room for Improvement

  1. My goal this week… Learning to eat stuff in moderation. Or maybe just do everything in moderation. I just got injured from running too much because I didn’t EASE back into running after I got back from vacation.. And now because I’m not running so much, I put on some weight because then I was eating too much. Moderation, moderation, moderation! Haha, that’s my goal! 🙂

  2. This week I am working on consistent exercise EVERday doing “something” active, and making sure that I am “in control” of what I am eating

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