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A Little Running History of Me

on July 26, 2013

I had a great run yesterday. I decided to hit up the bike path on my own – something I haven’t yet done, as typically I run with K when I’m not on the treadmill. But it was beautiful outside, and I couldn’t stand the thought of pounding out the miles on the ‘mill!

After work I ran home, changed as quickly as possible, tried to not let Fiona know I was home and headed on my way…. After locking myself out of my house and realizing that the Garmin was dead. Oops. Good thing for RunKeeper!

Anyway, I drove to a nearby bike path that I hadn’t yet run on. I ended up walking for the first 6 minutes because I forgot to leave my sunglasses in the car and had to backtrack. Again, oops.

Once I got started, this was my view for the first ten minutes or so.

Simply breathtaking.

I saw a few bikers on the trail and 2 runners – but I was mostly alone. I loved that. I was able to get out of my head, was jamming along to my playlist and just enjoying the view. Sometimes I was running in the warm sun, sometimes in the shade amongst the trees, and sometimes over dry streambeds. I had no pace “marker”, no real mile marker, no destination and no real goal. I just ran.

It was awesome.

Along the path, there were random sayings and pictures spray painted on the ground (and yes, I even stopped to snap a few pictures)… my favorite was this one:

The whole thing read “Be the one to break the cycle” #love. I LOVE that. Applies to so many situations and challenges in life! It actually became my little mantra during my run.

About 15ish minutes into my run, I ran smack into an old arch nemesis:

This photo was taken on my way back UP this ginormous hill. The picture doesn’t even come close to doing to justice and it’s actually smack in the middle of the hill. Running down it was pretty fun … back up, yeah, not so much. I loved that there was all sorts of warnings/motivation spray painted on the ground though! I won’t lie. It hurt on the way up. And it just kept going…….

I have to say I enjoyed every moment of the struggle up the hill. Why? Because that hill was a very old friend. It was the hill that we used in high school track/cross country for repeat hills. It was a BEAST, and running up (and down) it brought back a whole lot of memories… some good, some not so good.

I started running cross-country when I was an 8th grader, and then I continued with indoor and outdoor track until my junior year when I ended up having to have surgery on my legs. That kinda killed my HS racing career! Joining the track team was probably the best thing I ever did in HS though – I was kinda that awkward, school-loving, dorky girl who fell in that “middle population” – but joining the team made me feel a part of something. I gained a lot of confidence while I was running and competing … and I also realized how much I loved it. I was certainly never a “track star”, but I loved our workouts, I loved the friends that I made, and I loved running. Being a part of those teams made me feel special. I may have ended up with some wicked shin/leg issues, but I don’t regret it for a moment. The shin pain and surgery sucked. Having to give up running and racing was heartbreaking when it happened. But running got me through high school and now, at thirty-something ;), it’s an integral part of my life again, and I’m racing again. It’s my therapy. It makes me feel so good, even though I’m still not a “track star” or clocking 25 miles+ a week. It gives me such joy, and gosh I sure missed it all these years.

I think I’m still on a runner’s high from that run. J My doctors told me that I may not be able to ever really run again. Not for long (ish) distances anyway. Guess I’ll just keep breaking the cycle 😉

And on a completely random note, I totally wanted to share my outfit from today, just because I was totally feeling a little sassy/ actually in fashion J haha – perhaps my runner’s high has given me a better body image today! It’s a really simple outfit actually, I think I’m just really excited that I’m wearing my scarf from our trip to RI.

It’s almost the weekend my friends 😀 Hallelujah!! Make today a good one!

I want to know: If you run, what made you get into it? What’s your best running song? What outfit/piece of clothing makes you feel good?


2 responses to “A Little Running History of Me

  1. Yay!!!! for your great run yesterday. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Love the outfit picture! Your scarf and bracelet match perfectly. A great summertime color!

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