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Things Making Me Happy Today

on July 25, 2013

I’ve kinda been on a rollercoaster of emotions the last few weeks or so. This is perfectly typical, I know. But the last week in particular was especially nasty… I was feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders … and for lack of a better description, I was almost feeling like I was trapped. Trapped in my job. Trapped in my relationship. Trapped in all the responsibilities of owning a house. Trapped in my healthy living and crappy body image. Just trapped. There were moments when I felt like I couldn’t even breathe. There were moments when I just wanted to claw my way out of the box and just run away. To where? I have no idea. Just somewhere far away from all my responsibilities. Far, far, away. With just myself.

I have no idea where all of that angst came from. Which made if even more frustrating.

Some of it could have been attributed to the good ol’ hormones… some of to all that was going on regarding family stuff and the crazy schedule that’s been going on… some of it to plain old burnout and not taking care of me. Some of it was probably just me. Whatever the reason, it was just downright nasty and not a happy place to be.

This morning, I woke up feeling lighter, happy, and able to breathe a little easier.

It felt wonderful. And I sure hope it continues J I have no idea what made things change, but I do have some things that have made me extremely happy the last couple of days:

Playtime with Puppy Fiona this morning –

Fiona was full of energy this morning, and loving the cooler weather and she was all about being chased around the house and playing with her toys. She can’t help to bring a smile to my face, and I indulged her in a little playtime before leaving for work. Ended up being a little late – but totally worth every second.

Eating dinner outside with Pete last night –

We typically eat dinner in our living room with the television on (totally horrible habit, especially from a healthy blogger standpoint, I KNOW) – it’s really the only way we keep up on our DVR shows. But last night we decided to take our sloppy joe mixture over quinoa outside and ate on the deck together (we did actually eat at our actual outside table, btw – not those chairs). We even listened to some of our audio book together (from our CC trip that we didn’t finish). It was so relaxing. We need to do that more often.

Having ice cream with a former student

K and I had ice cream with one of our students (and his mom and baby bro) who left our program about a year ago and moved on to a different school. It was so nice to see him and hear about all the amazing progress that he’s been making at his new school. It was also fun to get snuggles from him and his little bro. It was a good reminder of how amazing my students are and how much I care about them and their accomplishments.

Getting my BIC bands in the mail this week!

Thanks to a tip from Tina, I knew that some of the BIC bands were on sale, and I was THRILLED to find that the turtle one was one of them!! I’ve been waiting for that one to come back – and it actually matches Fiona’s collar (haha crazy dog lady alert). I also got a pink one. I’ve been loving them for workouts, and they totally keep my hair out of my face and off my neck (which is the bigger issue). And they DON”T MOVE. #love Clearly, this picture is not me. (Haha)

Game night with friends

Tomorrow we have plans to hang out with some friends for a game night at their house. It’s nice to already have plans for a Friday night and we haven’t done game night in awhile. I know there will be lots of laughs, dessert, and wine. Doesn’t get much better than that!! I am desperately trying to get my hands on game “Cards Against Humanity” before then. Can’t find it ANYWHERE.

Olivia is making significant progress!!!!!!!!!

This is probably the best news I’ve had all week. Some of Livi’s numbers are FINALLY back to normal, and if all goes well, she can go back to school next month (they start in late July). It has been quite the road for her and my GA family, and it is so, so, SO awesome to have some good news. She has been so brave.

I know that I have a bijillion + 1 blessings in my life, and am so, so lucky. Usually, I have no trouble pulling those out when I’m in a funk. Whatever the reason, I’m glad that I’m back to feeling more like myself now! What a relief!

I want to know: what is making you happy today? Am I the only one who gets in a funk and nothing makes me happy?


2 responses to “Things Making Me Happy Today

  1. Love this post! It is always a great idea to take stock and look at what makes you happy. I write a gratitude journal where I write down 5 things a day that I am thankful / happy for, whenever I am having a bad day I can look back it it and see all the things that have happened that I should be grateful for and it always helps when I’m in a funk.

    • Brittany says:

      I love gratitude journals! I actually have an app for that (haha) – i’ve gotten out of the habit of using it, but I want to get backinto it!


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