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Rest Days Do Not Equal Lazy!

on July 16, 2013

I really think that Tuesday may be my least favorite day of the week. I always seem to be MORE tired on Tuesdays and the weekend seems just so darn far away!! I’m also feeling a little burnt out – but I really think that’s due to not enough sleep lately, at least in part, and the humid weather sure isn’t helping. Thus far this summer seems like kind of a bust – it’s either down pouring/flooding or it’s too humid to do much of anything!!

But, this weekend the weather did break on Sunday, and it was kinda perfect. On Saturday we headed to the all day music-fest called CountryFest – it’s pretty much an all day drinking party with country music bands playing. We made the decision to go up the fairgrounds later in the day, since we were pretty much only interested in hearing Darius Rucker – who was headlining. By the time we got there, everyone was pretty much hammered, and while drunken antics can be amusing, they can also be irritating. We were also seated way in the back, and the sound quality was kinda crappy … P and I both agreed that we did NOT get our Darius fix! Plus, it took us over an hour to get out of a pretty small parking lot, as there was only one way out. Poor planning!! Oh well, sometimes you do things just for the experience and the stories that come with it J

Sunday though, Sunday was pretty perfect. P, K, and I headed up to Lake Sacandaga, where an ex-co-worker has her house right on the lake. K and I had been missing her terribly, and we were able to spend the majority of the day with her, her hubby, and her girls on their boat on the lake. I mean seriously, this was my view for pretty much the entire day:

Good snacks, fun people, adult beverages, tons of sun and laughs, and a lake to jump into when it gets hot. Doesn’t get much better than that. Well, P did get a pretty massive sunburn … poor guy! We didn’t want to get off the boat and hung out long after we docked – I am thinking of asking my friend if I can just move in and be her dog nanny! At least for the summer!!

The ladies J

As far as workouts, I took 3 days off … which was kinda torturous for me – but apparently very needed. I was dealing with leg/knee/shin pain and could barely put weight on my left leg, so I took Friday off – and then made the decision to take another day off on Saturday when it was still bothering me. Plus, I was feeling like I had been hit by a truck and ended up falling asleep on the couch for a little while. Clearly my body was telling me that it needed to rest. On Sunday I decided to give it one more day.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that rest days are actually a healthy habit, and that they don’t just mean that I’m being lazy!! I’ll often find myself thinking of the foods I’ve eaten on rest days and the calories that I am now not burning off – and it can take a conscious effort to make myself stop those thoughts. Because honestly, working off calories has become a by-product of exercising for me. I certainly started to increase and be more conscious of my workout habits when I decided I was sick of the extra weight I put on, but now I exercise because I really enjoy it, plus it’s a healthy habit, and it makes me feel better about me!! But I can’t say that those negative thoughts don’t come creeping back in – more often that I’d like!

Rest days are important. They are important for my mental well-being. They are important for my body. They are important for my social life and my relationships. Rest days are just as important as workout days. I need to remind myself of this! Plus, muscle growth happens on rest days J I’m not doing anyone any favors if I hate my workout and/or I’m injured because I’ve done too much. And I need to remind myself that it’s okay to NOT work out 6 days a week! I’m not like everyone else, and I should listen to my body if it needs to rest. That comparison trap can be such a killer, right?

Plus, I worked out yesterday, and after my BBBC workout, I was able to run for 30 minutes at just about my typical pace with no issues… and bonus, I was super excited to get my sweat on.

So, to re-cap: rest days ≠ lazy! Rest days = healthy & smart! 2 thumbs up.

I should probably make myself a poster for that or something. Right next to Uncomfortable = change!

How do you feel about rest days? Do you eat differently on non-workout days?


2 responses to “Rest Days Do Not Equal Lazy!

  1. Rest days are important but are something I struggle with. I usually take 1 rest day a week but sometimes I may not take 1 for a fortnight. When I’m sick I take time off but I never feel 100% ok with taking the days off even though my body feels so much better when I do.

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