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Best Body Bootcamp Update & Drop Sets

on July 10, 2013

I am currently participating in my second round of Best Body Bootcamp (BBBC) – funny how I always want to call it either Better Body Bootcamp or Better Booty Bootcamp! I started the program during Round 5 (I think) – and then immediately joined up again for Summer BBBC – because really, who doesn’t want a rocking body for the summer? 😉


We are currently already in the middle of week 4 – I can’t even believe it! The time is seriously flying by!!! The past 2 weeks have revolved around drop sets for strength training .This was a totally new concept for me… and whoa baby … they are TOUGH … and I totally love them!!! Or maybe I’m just a masochist, because I love how sore I am afterwards .. .and even more so 2 days later!!

So, what’s a drop set? I’m glad you asked!

According to Tina, drop sets are “a training technique that encourages the muscles to reach fatigue, but then alters the load (read: weight) to allow the muscles to continue past fatigue. ” This type of exercise promotes increased muscular endurance and strength, and according to, it also lets you utilize more of your muscle fibers and increases the intensity of your workout; it can also help you to build more muscle quickly (The additional readings I did informed me that drop sets are an advanced training method, and should not be done too frequently since it can lead to overtraining and injury).


Tina broke our sets into upper and lower body workouts, which is nice … then only half my body is totally sore;)

So, what does it look like?

You take an exercise – let’s go with plié squats, since that was one of the exercises I did yesterday J

  • 6-8 reps with heavy weight ( I did 13lbs, an 8 & 5 together)
  • Lower your weight and do reps until fatigue (aka you can’t do another one) – I did 12lbs
  • Lower you weight again and do reps until fatigue – I did 10lbs
  • Lower again and do the same – I did 8lbs

Tina paired our lower body exercises with core moves for a pair of exercises, and we did 3 sets before moving on to the next pair! Last week we did 1-2 drops in weight and this week we are doing 2-3 drops.

Let me tell you – if you enjoy the burn, you’ll like this workout!! At first I thought these were going to be a killer – and I wasn’t disappointed! But I found out that I really enjoyed them! I think that’s because I know I’m working hard! I use dumbbells to perform my strength training since I do all my workouts out home – but you can also use barbells or weight machines too!

Tina actually has a drop set workout on her blog – you can find it here (same place as her explanation of drop sets!) – try it out and let me know what you think!! But wait until the day AFTER your strength training to tell me – BURN BABY BURN 😉


As far as me – I continue to thoroughly enjoying Tina’s program yet again 😀 I love that I am getting in 3 strength training workouts in every week and I don’t have to dream them up or find them… it makes me much more likely to do them, and I’ve found that I really enjoy strength training!! I love to see the changes in my body as well … I am starting to see some new muscle definition which is really motivating – and just cool! Plus, it really helps to be on the FB with others – it keeps me motivated – and we ask questions to one another and talk about how sore we are!

I will admit that I am somewhat disappointed with the lack of weight I continue to lose. I am continuing to take many different measurements, and I know that I am gaining muscle, which I LOVE. But I struggle to get that extra weight off, despite frequent exercise and fairly decent eating – but this has been a problem for a while now. Honestly, what I’m most frustrated with is getting rid of the dreaded “muffin top” – no matter what I do, it doesn’t budge. I guess that battle continues! I’ve been struggling to get my intervals in for cardio too, due to some shin pain, so that sure isn’t helping either! And neither is my froyo addiction! But, there’s always room for improvement, right?

~ Brittany

Questions: Ever done drop sets? What is your favorite body part to strength train? What are good ab exercises to get rid of the muffin top?


2 responses to “Best Body Bootcamp Update & Drop Sets

  1. Yep I love drop sets and pyramid sets too 🙂

    I probably love training my shoulders and back the best.

    Probably reverse crunches, planks, russian twists and sit ups with a medicine ball, but with abs it is really all diet!

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