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Bronx Zoo &My First Blogger Meet-up

on July 2, 2013

Good morning friends! We’ve had some “fun” drama around these parts this morning – a cardinal bird family has built it’s nest in our of our bushes, and the baby birds keep falling out of the nest … which is highly interesting to Fiona!! P spent a ton of time trying to get a baby bird back in a very hard to find nest this morning – but the Momma kept trying to attack him!! Oh dear animals – please stop trying to make your birthing places in our yard! (last spring/summer it was baby bunnies and another bird nest!)

Speaking of animals (like my little segue there?), last Monday, P and I headed to the city to visit the Bronx zoo – this is a trip that we have been talking about making since we started dating 5 years ago, and when our Georgia vacation plans fell through, we decided to make the trek! After leaving Fiona with my parents and then hitting up Panera for a little breakfast, we were on our way! We decided to ignore the fact that the temps were going to be in the high 90’s, and the humidity at 90% … no biggie!!

The zoo was beautiful – and luckily, there were a lot of buildings and shaded areas to protect us from the heat – it’s a huge zoo, and we had such a great time exploring and checking out all the amazing animals! We both agreed that if we lived closer, we’d definitely need to have a year membership! Now, prepare for a little photo dump!!

We pretty much can’t go anywhere without looking for turtles – When P and I first started dating, I dubbed him “Turtle” and since then we collect turtles – and search for them everywhere

I wanted to jump in and swim with these guys:

P really, really, really likes birds (well other than Momma cardinals that attack him!):

Oh hey guys, what’s up?

I was fascinated with the baboons – they came right up to the glass and were just chilling with the people… they were close enough to see their finger and toenails and the lines in their feet and hands! I never realized just how human-like they are … I could have watched them for a really long time.

My favorite picture from the trip!! Just chillin’

And no zoo trip is complete without lions! To be fair, there were tigers and bears too (oh my!), but the pictures didn’t come out all that great

The best part of the zoo, for me, was the Butterfly garden … you go into a greenhouse-type of building (it was wicked warm in there) – and get to hang out with tons of different types of butterflies as they fly all around you … so cool!! I was in charge of taking butterfly pictures – I was pretty proud of the shots I got!

And some silly shots for fun

Once the zoo closed down on us, we headed to our hotel to shower, so that we could head into Manhattan to meet up with Gina for my first blogger meet-up! I was so freakin’ excited. After some mishaps with our GPS… and searching for parking on the streets of Manhattan for about 30 minutes (and almost killing a biker on a one-way street … oops) – we FINALLY connected with Gina for dinner in the East Village. I can’t even remember really how the food was – we ate this cute little Mexican place that can sure make a mean margarita though J

Gina and I were both a little nervous about meeting – but honestly, I felt like we had been friends for years. She and I hit it off immediately when we were paired together for the Elf4Health challenge, and we were amazed at how many things we had in common!! I got to learn a lot more about her over dinner and it was an all-around amazing experience. We actually got kicked out of the restaurant at about 12:30 … we might have still been there chatting if Gina didn’t have her last day of the school year the next day!! This is just one more reason why blogging has been such a cool addition to my life – the people that you meet! Gina and I are hoping that we get to reconnect again a couple of times while she is on vacation from school … since she doesn’t have to work summer school!! It’s like we were meant to be friends all along – and I really do wish that we lived even closer so we could hang out!! (although, maybe she doesn’t feel that way, haha!!) If you have a few extra minutes, check her blog out: Ten-4-Ten – she is on a pretty amazing adventure to run 10 half-marathons in honor of her father.

Ok, I think this post is long enough for one day – kudos to you if you’re stuck with me until the end! I hope that your week is off to a great start! 😀


One response to “Bronx Zoo &My First Blogger Meet-up

  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I love going to the Zoo.

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