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Summer Bucket List 2013

on June 24, 2013

Howdy readers! Happy Monday … I can say that ‘cuz I’m on vacation 🙂 It is currently hot and humid around these parts – but I guess I can’t complain since it’s not snowing or raining. But I will point out that we do not have central AC … you know, just sayin’

We were supposed to have already been headed toward GA for this week, but decided to cancel our plans due to Olivia’s battle with aplastic anemia – her health has been up and down, and we didn’t want to add any more stress on our family … we are seriously bummed, but are hoping maybe we’ll be able to fly down around Christmas time. However, that left us with a week home together … and I might commit homicide if we just sit and stare at one another for an entire week… P can be happy doing nothing, but I get antsy real quick (read: right now)… yesterday was a “lay low” day after a super busy Saturday (we went to this crazy outdoor concert/festival called Parrot Head (i.e., think Jimmy Buffett) – which was pretty much all day drinking)! But today I’m ready to get going … doing what I have no idea at the moment … other than my BBB workout after I publish this post!

We make goofy look good.

So, P and I sat down together and made a summer bucket list – I’ve seen the trend around on the blogs, and I thought that it would be a great idea to have some thoughts about what we really wanted to do this summer together (not just this week, that would be crazy!) Plus, we all know how much I love lists! Once we had all our ideas, I spent some time making it pretty 🙂

Clearly, a lot of the ideas on the list are tied to our area, but I still think it looks pretty cool – we hung it on our fridge so that we can check things off as we do them! I’m a little irritated that you can’t read all of them. We are actually thinking of going swimming today, and on Tuesday we are headed to the city to go to the Bronx zoo!! Neither P nor I have been since we were really little, and we’ve talked about going since we started dating. Plus, this trip is doubly exciting because I get the chance to do my first “blogger meet-up” … I’m getting to hang out with Gina, who is my original “Elf” from when I did Elf4Health back around the holidays! We’ve since become really good friends, and to say I’m excited to actually see her in person is an understatement!!

So, that’s the big news around here today J What’s up with you? I guess that I’ve procrastinated enough, and that it’s time to go sweat my nonexistent balls off for BBB! 🙂

Ever done a blogger meet-up? What do you like to see at the zoo? What’s on your summer bucket list?


2 responses to “Summer Bucket List 2013

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