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I Can Sleep When I’m Dead: Weekend Review

on June 18, 2013

*EDIT: this blog has taken me ALL day to post!! My LiveWriter apparently was cranky today 😦

It was a really busy, fun weekend, around these parts! I can definitely say that I am feeling the effects of the lack of sleep J Oh well, I’ll sleep when I’m dead, right?

The weekend started with Friday night – P’s SIL, C has just become a Lia Sophia consultant, so I booked a party with her. This was my first ever time playing hostess for any kind of event like this, so I was a little nervous, especially when people were not RSVPing!! (side bar: WHY is it so difficult for people to respond to invitations? This issue actually sparked a conversation between myself and several others about invites on FB – whether they were official invites, or should you respond, or would more traditional invites be better?) At the end, it worked out okay, as I had five other ladies show up. I still have some personal time left to use up before the end of this week, so I took off early to prep (read: clean yet again like a crazy person!)

I was lucky enough to enlist P to help make food – originally, I was just going to do some simple munchies and order pizza – but P said he would cook (hooray!)! We did a lot of prep/cooking on Thursday night, which made Friday a little easier. We had sweet chili with pork, corn muffins, lime guacamole, fresh salsa and a corn relish for dipping chips into, cheese & crackers, and cookies … I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again… my man can cook!! J



And of course, we had wine – lots, and lots of wine! Delicious food, wine, shopping for jewelry, and good friends – I couldn’t ask for a better combination J It was a good time, and I really enjoyed the evening!


Saturday, we were up and at it early J P did some yard work while I got my workout in. I chose to do Bob Harper’s “Rev Cardio” video. Have you ever tried this one? It’s one of my favorites, and man is it tough!!! I’ve been sore for the last 2 days! I think I was getting myself ready for the start of BBBC on Monday! A few more house things before we took off to have some fun and run some errands J First stop? Strawberry picking at a local orchard. We haven’t been in a few years, and decided it was something we definitely wanted to do this year – despite all the crazy weather this spring, there was still a decent amount of beautiful, ripe, strawberries waiting for us J There was some “interesting” people in the fields with us (i.e., adults who decided to engage in 10ft parenting by constantly yelling at their children … Asian family that brought 7 different cameras with them – and picked so incredibly fast!), but that just makes for a better memory!


PS – check out my shoulder muscle in this picture – yay BBBC!!!

Next stop was Old Navy – it was $1 flip-flop day for cardholders, and I needed a whole bunch for a fun summer project J Then it was off to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to finally buy some more furniture for our deck. We have been looking for furniture for almost 4 years now – but the ones we liked we’re wayyy out of the budget, and the ones that were actually in the budget were so freaking uncomfortable! So when we found something that matched our table, was affordable, and comfortable, it was a done deal! The setup was easy, and as soon as the stupid rain stops we’ll really get to enjoy them J it will be wonderful to have more seating on the deck and a sweet place for AM coffee!



Last stop was to the grocery store – we decided to get that chore out of the way on Saturday, since Sunday (our usual day) was so packed – plus, we needed supplies for father’s day brunch! I made pear and smoked cheddar cheese French toast, hash brown casserole with turkey bacon and onions, and cinnamon muffins for my dad J everything was ammmmazing.

The end of the weekend has been booked for quite some time with a fun event!! Rascal Flatts was in town, and we all had tickets to go see them!! Rascal Flatts are my absolute FAVORITE country group and they are always really good live! And of course, they did not disappoint! Cassadee Pope (from the Voice) and the Band Perry opened for them, and both were really good… although, the Band Perry kinda seems like they want to be an 80’s hair band instead of a country group 😉 Regardless, it was a great way to kick off concert season – the rain held off, the people watching was prime, our seats were awesome (aka this shorty could actually see everything!), and I was singing my heart out. We didn’t get home until almost 1AM – which made for an interesting Monday – but hey, as I said – I’ll sleep when I’m dead?!

Awesome, fun weekend – which leads into this week, which is the very last week of school before a 2 week summer break before our summer school begins! I’m counting down the days – only 4 more to go – that makes for one happy school psychologist!!!

And in other news, I may need to take a little trip ASAP to Manhattan to find me one six of these:

A donut made of croissants?!?! Sign me up immediately!! Full article here J      Enjoy the day readers – there will never be another one like today J


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  1. That doughnut made of croissants looks amazing!

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