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What IS this blog? HLB or not?

on June 13, 2013

This weather is making me want to gouge my eyes out. Rain, rain, GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!!!!! Otherwise, I’m selling the car and buying a boat and flippers! Oh, and perhaps a snorkel. *end random complaint*

Moving on. I’m sitting here thinking, “What makes something a ‘healthy living blog?'” I don’t typically post recipes (although I’d like to get back into that) or any fitness tip, tricks, or workouts (basically because I really feel like I have no idea what I’m doing!), and I probably dwell too much on fro-yo, chocolate, and negativity -all of which would probably not necessarily be deemed as “healthy” (case in point, I cannot type the word “healthy” correctly today!! It’s a sign.)

I’d like to think that I live a healthy lifestyle. I’m certainly eating better now than I ever have been before – at least since I’ve been in charge of feeding myself! I try to be aware of what food groups I’ve eaten each day, I read my nutrition labels, and I do actually try to control my sweet tooth. I work out about 5 days a week, and attempt to shove water down my throat as often as possible (clearly not enough lately, because I keep getting Charlie horse cramps in the middle of the night!). I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from perfect – but I do try to be aware of my choices. I know that the choices I make have had a positive effect on my life and how I feel.

But many of my blog posts just revolve around me and what’s going on in my world. I don’t document everything I eat or my training plans or workouts I’ve tried. Does that mean that I am not a healthy living blog? And if not, then what exactly is this blog?

I like organization and things that fit into categories. But I don’t know what I’d definite RRR as. That makes my skin itch. This is ridiculous because in reality, this blog can be whatever I want it to be. I certainly admire those who have more of a “healthy living focus” than I do – but to be honest, I like to read and write blog posts that are more about real life. Many, many, MANY times I find myself stuck in the comparison trap with those who do better “healthy living” than I do – which in the end, only makes me feel like crap.

Maybe, just maybe, I work too hard sometimes to define myself. I’m certainly not just a runner, or just a school psychologist, or just a girlfriend – all those roles are pieces of who I am… and I like that this blog reflects that. Maybe sometimes I feel like a square peg in a round hole because I’m trying to pigeonhole where I think I’m supposed to fit in.

Here’s what I do know. I will never be the blogger who posts every food she eats. I am the blogger who is okay with admitting that I am not perfect… (okay, let’s be honest, I’m not okay with it, but it helps me to admit it). I will probably always write seemingly random posts. Maybe someday I’ll get brave and try creating my own workout for others to try. I will continue to hope that people enjoy reading what I write and maybe get some tidbit from it.


So, I guess I don’t know what I’d define this blog as … and I think I’m okay with that J

(And that concludes my semi-existential post for the day.)


5 responses to “What IS this blog? HLB or not?

  1. I think you don’t need to fit into a box to be a HLB. The more interesting HLB I read do a mix of workouts, recipes and also just talk about their lives. I think it is human to not be perfect and it is much better to show that than trying to pretend to be perfect 🙂

  2. Beth H. says:

    I agree with Jan! No need to fit into a box. I love reading your blog. Healthy living doesn’t necessarily have to be about workouts and healthy eating. Healthy living is about finding the balance between work and play and the relationships we have with others.

    Are you ready for another round of Best Body Bootcamp? I know I am!

  3. sweetsnbeets says:

    Agreed! Balance is what’s healthy (and entertaining!) Keep it up! 🙂

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