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Rhode Island Getaway

on June 12, 2013

Our getaway started off with a little bit of chaos on Friday morning. We left the house late (of course), and then on the way to drop off the dog at “sleepover camp” for the weekend, we realized that we forgot the camera. So, after we dropped Fiona off, back we headed to rescue P’s new toy… but once we were on the way again, it was pretty smooth sailing. We had downloaded the bood “Silver Linings Playbook” to listen to in the car, and we were really into it and the drive seemed really quick …

Well, except for the rain.

Friday was pretty much a washout all together, due to the rain. Once we reached Newport, we did manage to walk around somewhat — but then we ended up in the car driving around as the rain got more heavy. We did drive along Ocean Drive, which was still pretty, even in the storm 🙂 The rain steadily increased to the point where you couldn’t see 2 inches in front of the car and roads were flooding … we even drove past a cemetery and the water was POURING out of it and down the higher curb — it was a fast running waterfall! I was a little concerned that A: we were going to see bodies floating pretty soon or B: Newport was going to wash away.

Our B & B

Our B & B

So, we headed toward higher ground… and sadly, ended up having dinner at a Applebee’s – we were disappointed – but it actually had a parking lot (most places around Newport do NOT) .. we had wanted to go to a place we had read about online, but there was just no getting there with all the water! We then hit up the liquor store for some wine and the local walmart to buy a card game … for the rest of the evening we holed up in our room, drank reisling and played Scrabble Slam. Our room did become the butt of some jokes since it was SO SMALL — and was actually an upgrade– but it did have a very comfy temper pedic mattress!  Friday was actually a lot of fun… not even the torrential downpour could keep us down!

infamous room:

Saturday dawned and we were happy to see NO RAIN. Our day started out with an amazing breakfast … there were like a million choices that our innkeeper, Pat, told us about, but P and I both went with the Belgian waffles. Oh my god amazing… every bite was like heaven. A mother and daugher from NYC were staying at the B&B as well, and they told us they come every year – so they told us some things that we had to check out — and Pat also was a wealth of information … and liked to chat!

yum. want more.

yum. want more.

After breakfast we took off and went to explore. We did a TON of WALKING. I’m not kidding. We walked 10 miles throughout the day! I totally did not feel guilty about not getting a workout in 🙂 We went back to Ocean Drive to see the ocean, did the “Cliff Walk” (walking along the rocks by the ocean), did a whole lot of shopping in some cool little shops, and had lunch at the Whitehorse Taven — the oldest tavern in America – it opened in 1673! (and when P went to use the bathroom, he walked into some dramatic reading production with lots of people dressed in colonial clothing!). We finished the day by having our Anniversary dinner at a restaraunt on the beach … we spent a lot of time trying to pick out a place that was romantic and had water views, since we couldn’t really get that at home! 1 out of 2 isn’t bad right? The view was spectacular (in fact, I would have loved to walk along the beach afterwards, but it was coooold!) — but the food kinda sucked…. oh well, you win some, you lose some!! We headed back toward our B&B, stopping at a local bar called the Lobster Bar 🙂


Sunday was another beautiful day, and we could NOT pass up on the waffles again!! Plus, that morning Pat had also made pain au chocolat – croissants with cholcolate in them. oh my word.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about the food!! We had 2 more exciting adventures before we left for home to fit in. We spent some time walking along the harbor and looking at the ginormous boats before heading back into town. We had booked a glassblowing lesson the day before 🙂

pretty harbor and boats

pretty harbor and boats

The lesson only took about 15 minutes, but we got to make a Christmas ornament together.  It was a pretty cool thing to do 🙂 We picked out the colors, melted/formed the class and then “blew” the ornament into shape!! I can attest that those ovens are HOT!! The glass takes 2 days to cool, so we had to have the company ship it to us at home… so we are anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. When we left our ornament was green and gold due to the heat, but it is supposed to be blue and green when it cools!

RI 003 RI 005

Glassblowing fun

Glassblowing fun

Following the glass blowing lesson, we did a little more shopping – I had picked out the softest white and mint green chevron scarf that P bought me, as well as a turquoise bracelet, a RI magnet for our collection, and some other little goodies 🙂 We also HAD to stop and get cakeballs – because i was determined to have them before we left 😉 Sadly, I did not get to take a picture of them, as they kinda got crushed on the way home — but I was most definitely thinking about Elizabeth when I saw the “cake ball” sign — and now I’m all obsessed with making some!

The last part of our adventure was the one P was the most excited about! He booked us a helicopter tour around the mansions and ocean. It seemed kinda quick – but we got some great pictures and the ride was smooth and peaceful. Before we got on the helicopter we were watching lots of people who were skydiving! So neat!! (and scary, yet i kinda wanted to do it)

helicopter viewfromhelio

We stopped for lunch at a place called the SmokeHouse – and while lunch/dinner was kinda lackluster – their nachos were amazing. They were served with homemade salsa, corn relish, and some sort of meat chili with cheese on top. So, so, so good. We both agreed that we should have just got 2 orders of the nachos!

goodbye RI

goodbye RI

Sadly, that was the end of our trip … we piled back into the car and headed for home. The newport experience was definitely a lot of fun, and there was definitely a whole bunch of things that we didn’t get to … so we are already planning a trip back 🙂 It was definitely a trip full of memories and a great way to celebrate our 5th anniversary together!

I kinda love him.

I kinda love him.

Well dear friends, we’ve reached hump day already – and I seem to have finally figured out what day of the week it is 🙂 Hooray!

Anyone have Father’s Day plans yet? We actually are all going to a Rascal Flatt concern that night *YAY* – so I think I may do brunch for my dad. Any good recipes?



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