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5K #2 : Mission Accomplished

on June 4, 2013

HOT. That’s pretty much the best way that I can describe my 5K to you — and I dont mean HOT like Paris Hilton hot either!! I had anxiously been watching the forecast starting about 3 days before the race, and every time I looked, I swear the temperature and humdity had risen!! I was really nervous about running in such heat, as it’s not something that my body is really used to! I tried to make a conscious effort to drink extra water the 2 days before the race to make sure I was extra hydrated!

So, Saturday dawned sunny, and HOT just like predicted…. we woke up, had coffee, and I decided to eat waffles with PB and banana — I hit the shower  (I know, I’m really strange), got dressed, rolled myself in baby powder, gathered all my gear (ok, let’s be honest, all that was ready the night before and was waiting on the dining room table), and hit the road… later then expected, as usual! We made it to my friend K’s house, as she was also running – so we were able to leave the car there and her mom just dropped us off at the race start. 

Side note: I love race goodie bags – however, why are they given to people when they check-in?!?! What the heck am I supposed to do with this bag while I’m running — it’s hard enough getting myself through3 miles, much less a backpack filled with pint glasses, t-shirts, candy and granola bars? 

Not too long after we were standing in line at the start of the race — it was a small shindig, only about 450 people, is my guess (P had decided to run the race with me, keeping me on pace and pushing me forward and keeping me going — he’s such a rockstar). Did I mention that it was hot yet?  Just standing in line we were already dripping in sweat (lovely, right?) … at 10AM it was already a balmy 89 degrees. The “start gun” (a tiny pop that was difficult to hear!) went off a few moments later and we were off. My goal in my head was to stay right around the 10min mile mark — but I really wanted to finish under 30 minutes.

The course itself was not terrible – a few hills, along a somewhat “country-ish” road … there was at least some shade is spots and a “spray station” (aka, young kid standng over the course with a hose 🙂 ). What i didn’t like was that you ran up the road for about 1.5 miles and then did a turn around to make your way back to the finish line — to me, that made the course feel that much longer .. and the last .5 miles felt forever long!! The heat was brutal, and I could feel my body going into heat shock — when your body breaks into goosebumps and you start to shiver? not fun!! I never stop at water stations during races — I feel like I get bogged down, and drinking water messes with my body while running — but for this race, I felt like I didn’t have a choice. PS I’m really terrible at drinking water while running (and it was warm, which didn’t help), and most of it just ended up being poured over my head or dribbled down the front of me!! I think my favorite part of the race was three little kids who were standing at the end of their driveway with spray bottles, spraying the runners as they went past (or each other when they got bored).

me, P and K -- not sure why my arm looks so huge!

me, P and K — not sure why my arm looks so huge!

My thinking during the race went something like this:

“This isn’t so bad — we’re moving along … it’s not too crowded … a guy pushing 2 kids in a stoller just ran by me”

“Still doing okay, moving along … oo, I love this song. I love running”

“Mile 1 down — under 10 minutes and I’m feeling okay. Thank you Garmin watch!”

“Holy Shit we’re only at 1.5 miles? and the #1 runner is on his way back? “

“I think I’m going to throw up. P is telling me I need to increase my pace a little, ok I can do that”

“What do you mean we’re only at mile 2? So. hot … sweating … gonna die … WATER”

“Why in God’s name am I doing this? I hate running.”

“P if you tell me one more time I have to pick it up I may kill you. I’m never doing this again.”

“I want froyo” (I actually signed this to P while we were running) haha. 

“You got this. Keep moving. I want to stop.”

“2.5 miles almost there. Dig deep. I can do this. I will NOT WALK. I WILL Do THIS. I CAN DO THIS”

“Where the HELL is the finish line? I feel like I’m barely moving my feet. Kill me now”

“Finish. I see the finish. almost there. move legs, please move. Picking up the pace …. no regrets, leave it all out here”

“DONE!!!!!!  Holy crap I made it and I feel like shit … do NOT sit down”

and then about 15 minutes later …. “More racing please?”

My official time was 30:23, and my overall mile pace was 9:47 … not too shabby 😀 If I’m being honest, I was pissed about those 23 seconds for quite some time (really, Brittany? 23 seconds?) … but I was overall pleased with my mile time — I know that those few extra seconds came in during water stations, having to find my pace again after dumping water on myself and slowing myself down when my stomach felt like it was coming up…. when I finished, I felt like I could have run faster … but that’s really easy to say when I’m not currently running in 90 degree weather!! The first race I ran was a 3.5 mile race, so it’s hard to compare times — but I did look down at my wach at around 3 miles, and my time was 32:something, so I bettered my time by about 2 minutes this time around. 

Next goal: sub 30 minute 5K.  I know I can do it. 

After hydrating, sucking down a freeze pop (genius!), and getting a little bit of stetching in … oh, and people watching… I love checking out what people decide to wear for race day. … we had one thing on our mind. 

Get in my belly

Get in my belly

FROYO (hey, we totally deserved it) 

And we made our way to TCBY and totally indulged in some yumminess! 

I am so, so, SO thankful that P decided to run this race with me and push me to stay on pace. Honestly, if he hadn’t been there, I probably would have stopped running … which would have been a disaster. I felt really bad because he was really running slow for him (which annoys me to NO END because I run almost every day!), but he really kept me going when I wanted to die. or thought I was going to.  Thanks Honey!! Once again, you’re with me when the going gets tough!

DONE :) and still standing.

DONE 🙂 and still standing.

I’m already looking toward my next race — and hopefully, it won’t be so hot this time 😀 



4 responses to “5K #2 : Mission Accomplished

  1. Ugh! I did a race this weekend too and it was SO HOTTT!!!! Not fun but we finished!

    • Brittany says:

      Hot is an understatement!! But kudos to you for finishing the race — I’m kinda glad I did it so that I know what it feels like to run a race in weather like that!!


  2. Well done on your second 5km 🙂 You can get those 23 seconds in the 3rd one you do and should just focus more on the achievement of having done another one!

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