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The sky is falling?

on May 30, 2013

Well, it’s been a little hairy around here from last night into today … ok, more like a little scary.  ok… more like a lot scary at one point!!

Upstate NY got hit by a tornado! Who would of thunk it? Certainly not me! ok, so one hit 2 years ago not too far away … but still!! Seriously some crazy weather in these parts lately!!!

We started off with some really strong and severe thunderstorms, but it quickly turned into a tornado warning!! We started to pull out the candles, etc, and watched the skies as we heard the thunder start to rumble, and the sky was lit up like a stobe light.

Normally, I LOVE thunderstorms. I’m usually the one with my face pressed against the window … or standing outside… and P and I have even been known to chase storms when we first started dating.

NOT so much with this storm. The sky opened up out of nowhere and literally dumped of ton of rain … and then we started to notice the trees moving in circles … very large circles … P looked at me and proceeded to point towards the basement. So, we gathered up our fur-children and camped out for a little while.

It. was. scary.

Luckily, we weren’t down there very long, and we were very fortunate to not lose our power or suffer any damage (Thank GOD we took down those other dead trees last year!!!) We did experience some leakage, but nothing that we couldn’t manage.  There were reports of funnel clouds not that far away from us … and the pictures are incredible.

Photo: Photo taken from Schenectady looking towards Mariaville. Posted to YNN.

Most people in our area have lost power and have no idea when it will be restored… in fact, the power just came back on at work!! I spent the first part of my morning mopping up water from my defrosted fridge (with non-absorbent papertowels), and finding ways to keep myself busy with no electricity!  My parents have no power and were schlepping frozen food to our house to store in our freezer when I left this morning.

Schenectady and National Grid workers start clearing a downed utility pole on Consaul Road in Schenectady on Thursday, May 30, 2013. (Skip Dickstein / Times Union)


There is widespread damage in my area — downed trees and branches everywhere – trees ripped up by their roots, going through car windows, and who knows what else. Travel was precarious this morning!!

I am so thankful and grateful to report that everyone I love and care about made it through the storm safely! The turn out could have been much worse, and I am certainly counting my blessings today.

and the view after the storm was over?

(source — thanks Meghan, I borrowed your picture — it’s amazing!!!)

yup – that about says it all. Hope that if any of you all were caught in this storm made it out safely as well!!! I hear there is potential for some more severe storms headed this way sunday and/or monday — so stay tuned!



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