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Wordy Wednesday

on May 29, 2013

I have decided to rebel against the “one-word” wednesday trend …. ok, not really, I’m just not all that great at being succinct — and I didn’t take a ton of pictures over the weekend … so that would make for a very brief post … although I should challenge myself  to do that some time 🙂

So, how was your weekends? Can’t lie – it was amazing to have a long weekend – and I actually had friday off as well, even better!!! Well, except for one thing.

It rained. for 3 days straight.

It was wicked depressing, to tell you the truth. Even the dog would go out the back door, sit on the porch and just stare at the backyard while the rain was pouring down.

a break in the rain = taking the opportunity to dine al fresco!

a break in the rain = taking the opportunity to dine al fresco!

We tried to take advantage of the crappy weather as best we could. On Friday, we went to vist the place that Fiona will be staying at in 2 weekends … we are kinda particular about where we board her, and her original place was unable to take her…. but we’re pretty happy with the new place, it will be almost like being at home for the 3 days we are gone.

Where are we going, you ask? Well, we finally booked our Anniversary trip, and we are headed to Newport, RI. 😀 This June marks our 5th year together, so we thought that we’d do something a little more special … so we will be headed to Newport for 3 days and are staying at a cute little bed and breakfast — Spring Street Inn-– I am super excited!

Spring Street Inn – Newport RI

Anyway, rainy weather also mdae for the perfect time to work on cleaning out the basement, getting some housework done, catching up on the DVR, and doing some shopping for the house! We finally made some new purchases for the guest room — that room has been a work in progress for almost a year now – and we finally purchased some bedding and a rug – so it feels a little more finished!

It's a gray & yellow theme - and Fiona thinks it's now her room!

It’s a gray & yellow theme – and Fiona thinks it’s now her room!

We also have continued to work on our countertop for the kitchen – what a labor of love that’s been!! The sealant coat that we are using (waterlox) has to dry for 24 hours between coats (and you need to do 4-5 coats), and the stain has to cure for 3 days before the sealant can even go on … so the bottom portion is finally finished, and we’ve moved on to the top!

still in progress ...

still in progress …

On monday, the weather finally cleared and it was a gorgeous day for Memorial Day! (thank goodness!!) P finally had the chance to mow part of the lawn, which was beginning to look like a jungle! and then we headed out to do some hiking together in a nearby Nature Preserve … it was a little muddy (ok, a lot), but it was still a lot of fun! We all enjoyed the exercise, and I think we all needed it … and the Vitamin D!!! We finished up the evening by having my parents over for dinner – including some delicious steak and chicken kabobs, chili lime corn, Mom’s potato salad, and sweet potato rolls … completed by some of Mom’s fudgy brownies — perfection.

Check out the chives!

Check out the chives!

This weekend I’m running 5K #2 … I’m a little nervous about it – the course is totally new to me … and based on the elevation map, it does look somewhat hilly! Plus, it’s supposed to be around 90 degrees and there is a chance for thunderstorms … could be interesting, right? P is also running with me, and has decided to “push” me to see how fast I can do. I’m hopeful that my shins will hold up!! *note to self – pack compression socks *

Speaking of running – have you ever heard of the “RockMyRun” App?? (it’s also on the web) I just downloaded it, and I’m kinda loving it. You do have to register for an account, but it’s FREE… and you can stream and download different running mixes – as long as it’s 45 minutes or under, the mix is FREE – and the premium membership (for longer mixes) is $2.99/ mo if you get if for a year. You can search for mixes by genre (and there’s a bunch of different ones) – and then you can sort them by popularity, ratings, length, DJ, or BPM (beats per minute).  The  music flows from one to the next, with no breaks at all — and depending on the person who made it, you just get the best, most uplifting, inspirational, motivating parts of the song. If you download the mix, you can play it anytime and can skip the songs you don’t like.  There’s everything from pop, to country, to classical, to RB, to 90’s .. there a remixes, and mash-ups … pretty cool right? I have noticed that it has some bugs or glitches … like it shuts down after picking a mix … but nothing that will drive you too crazy — definitely an app you should check out!!! Let me know if you do!!!



4 responses to “Wordy Wednesday

  1. Amy says:

    My cat also thinks the guest room is his room. I have to cover the bed with towels to avoid getting fur on everything.

    I will definitely have to try that app out.

    • Brittany says:

      Hi Amy! My 2 cats pretty much take over our bedroom, but I did catch one of the cats on the new rug this AM — but the puppy goes right up the stairs and hops on the bed!! Pet fur is such a pain! We keep everything covered as well 🙂 Let me know what you think of that App! It’s new to me

  2. Lol your dog is too cute!

    Good luck with your second 5km, I’m sure you will go well 🙂

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