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My first Better Body Bootcamp experience

on May 25, 2013

This week marks the end of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp — it’s hard to believe that the 8 weeks are already over — it seriously FLEW by! I joined BBBC after some careful thought — I had read many people’s personal accounts on their blogs and decided to check out Tina’s site — I knew I needed a change in my workouts. I was starting to dread working out, I was frustrated with my lack of progress, and I had no new bright ideas. It seemed like jumping into the program was almost a no-brainer for me.

So, I jumped on the proverbial bandwagon 🙂 And boy am I glad that I did!!

In true, Brittany-list form,here are the things I’ve noticed throughout my experience with the BBB:

  • I LOVE the pre, mid, and post-fitness test that we do — It’s such a great way to track progress!! And I’ve seen improvements in every exercise
  • My running has improved thanks to the strength workouts, core workouts, and intervals
  • I have taken multiple body measurements throughout the program too – actually, every week I’ve done it. It’s been a great tool for me to measure progress as well – I actually have NOT lost weight – this has been hard for me. But I have lost inches on various parts of my body!

  • I have looked forward to working out again – and it makes my life so much easier when my workouts are all laid out for me — no thinking needed!
  • I LOVE strength training! I love that it makes me feel so much stronger, I love the burn, and I love when I feel sore the next day! I’d never feel confident enough to develop my own strength training program, but with the BBBC, I just have to follow the plan
  • The cardio workouts have me doing interval training again – I know that this is important in cardio workouts, but sometimes it’s just easier to just start running and not look at the time or speed — I could still do this on the program, but I also did my speed work as well
  • The BBBC community is awesome — I felt so supported and motivated – and it’s always more “fun” to talk about those super tough moves (aka the frogger!)
  • Flexibility in the program is key. Sometimes, you just can’t control life, and I had to move workouts around during the weeks to make them work for me. I could do this easily with the BBBC program
  • Tina’s workouts are TOUGH – and I felt like such a badass when I completed them (yet, she still offered ways to modify moves that were just too difficult) — plus, I got stronger — I was quickly needing to increase the amount of weight I was lifting!! LOVE IT
  • I do all of my workouts at home, and I had no problem completing all the moves — for the few that were originally written to be done with machines, I was able to use my handweights — plus, you don’t need to purchase a ton of extra equipment – I actually had everything I really needed.
  • Weekly goals — I loved that I was able to set my own set of goals each week, and I also kept track of them!

Bottom line: this is a great program — and Tina is a genius 🙂 I have loved just about every workout, and I’m already a little sad that come monday, I’m on my own for planning my own workout — you can be certain that workouts from the past 8 weeks will be making a reappearance!

But — I’m not on my own for too long — I’ve already signed up for Round 6!!!!! Tina has made some changes to her program for the summer session, and I’m excited for all the “extras”

Best Body Bootcamp.jpg

So, you should probably join me….. when you decide to sign-up, you can just click here!  Come join in the fun — you won’t regret it, I promise! 🙂


4 responses to “My first Better Body Bootcamp experience

  1. I do an australian program called 12WBT run by the Australian version of Jillian Michaels – Michelle Bridges, once I finish this next round (currently in week 3) I might give this a go as I’ve been curious to try it myself!

    This is my first visit it to your blog and I love it, I’ve just subscribed 🙂

    • Brittany says:

      Hi Jan!
      Welcome to the blog 🙂 I’m so excited to hear that you’re a new subscriber – what a great way to start off my work week! I’ll have to look into your program, I’ve never heard of it – is it strength/cardio/both? I do love me some Jillian Michaels! Definitely let me know if you sign-up for the Best Body Bootcamp — I have gotten so much out of the experience 🙂

      • It is both, it has 2 days of straight cardio, 2 days of strength, 1 day of core/balance and then 1 day which is a hardcore day that is a mix of everything. The website is if you are interested 🙂 I’ve done 4 rounds of it because I love having an exercise program set for me and I can just do it without thinking about it and it also challenges me to do things I don’t want to do like burpees!

        I will let you know if I sign up for Tina’s bootcamp 🙂

      • Brittany says:

        T hanks for sending me the website! I am definitely going to look into it — It sounds hardcore (which I kinda secretly love!)!! Your blog name is so cute, by the way 🙂


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