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5K Re-cap: CDPHP Workforce challenge 2013

on May 20, 2013

Thursday was the “big” race! Were you anxiously awaiting a re-cap 😛 ? It was another amazing experience and an overall good race!

We headed down to Albany shortly after work … clad in purple … driving among the masses. After tracking down a bathroom, K and I headed to the check-in tent – we were the first to arrive for our team, so we picked up all the necessary racing items… K and then I hung out at our team’s designated meeting spot, and spent some time eating our snacks (PB&J), and checking out what people had decided to wear. Always a good time. There was also a fitness class type thing being led by a local gym, which was also entertaining to watch.  P eventually found me once he reached Albany, and then our teammates started to trickle in. The weather was beautiful – mid 70’s with a little bit of a breeze.

Team Crossroads!

Team Crossroads!

We got our numbers pinned, chatted, attempted to understand what the announcer was saying and took our team picture. Shortly afterward, we filtered down to the starting line, even though we had a ways to go until the gun went off.  It’s a good thing that we did, because the amount of people at this race is MASSIVE — over 10,000 — and the starting line is not a big enough space at this point — there were many people who ended up being stuck on the stairs for quite some time before they could even get on the course – and we were all smushed in like sardines. A few of my teammates and I started behind the 9:00 mile mark – and behind us (way behind us, haha), we’re “supposed” to be the walkers. More on THAT later. I don’t even know where P ended up, other than he was ahead of me!

So, the gun went off (and we were chip timed as well), and it only took us about 2 minutes to actually get to the start line. However, the first stretch is all up hill (ick) and I was barely moving at what you could term a jog! The amount of people was insane — which made the start insane. There was no room to move around people and you were pretty much stuck where you were. Eventually, I was able to start weaving in and out of people- and I lost K (my running buddy) after only about .75 of a mile. My favorite part was the walkers who decided to start up closer to the front AND were walking 2-5 people across (my thought: good for you for walking, but MOVE out of my way!). I knew my first mile was way to slow due to all the people traffic, so I started to pick my pace up. It honestly took until about mile 2.5 before things started to thin out enough to actually run without worrying about tripping!

3.5 miles complete!

3.5 miles complete!

Overall, I felt good. I was “in the zone” and moving along. There was some definite shin pain, but it was manageable. My “goal” in my head was to run the course (3.5 miles total) under 35:00 minutes. I came close. My garmin had me at 35:11 and the official time was 35:12 — I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed ( I was also extremely pissed that P beat me by a lot!) — but I beat last year’s time by about 3 minutes :D- Plus, I was able to run negative splits. I know that if I had actually been able to run, as opposed to stumble through, that first mile, I would have been in better shape! I’m also not really sure how I’ve ever run a race without a Garmin — I love that thing! Overall, the race was a good time, and it’s always fun to have a “team” feel to an event. Plus, when I went to get my shirt, they still had size “S” left, which means my shirt actually fits this year 😀


Things I learned:

  • I still love racing
  • I am capable of running negative splits – and my fastest mile was 9:20 – I was impressed with myself
  • Pee at least twice close to the start of the race
  • I am not training fast enough – my running app tells me my speed, and I was running at least 1.0mph faster than I do on the treadmill. I need to be braver!
  • I need to somehow get more runs in outside
  • Powerade is still my drink of choice for races, other than water.
  • Stretching after races is kinda important – so is ice
  • Recovery hasn’t been that bad — I’m definitely less sore (muscle-wise) than I was last year! But my shins definitely have needed time to recover – I did 1.5  SLOW miles yesterday, and they were anything but easy!
  • Next giant goal: signing up for the Falmouth road race NEXT year – the lottery just closed for this year’s race, but I bound and determined to be on the course next year!
  • I love racing 😉

And … on Friday,  I signed up for my next race already – June 1st I’ll be racing my next 5K!!!

Also of Note:  Today marks the start of the very last week of BBB – I can’t believe that 7 weeks has gone by already. I have loved every moment and have felt challenged on every weekend.  I really do love strength training and have seen some definite changes in my body! This week we finish with some more strength tabatas and circuits (which include, many, many, MANY burpees)… the next sign up for BBB starts today and I highly encourage you to jump in with us! I will most definitely be signing up for Round 6! Strength training is so important for our overall health – the the BBB community is extremely motivating, plus, you don’t have to figure out your own workouts, which is so helpful to me 🙂 Join, Join, Join!! I endorse this program 100% — Plus, Tina has made some exciting new changes this time around 😉

I hope you all are having an amazing start to you week friends — I only have 4 days of work, so that is most definitely pushing me through! And P and I started a new home improvement project this weekend that I am excited to tell you about!



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  1. congrats on a killer race! I honestly think races like this are good to learn more about your training and your body. I think training faster some days could be good! Give it a try like once a week

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